Monday, February 1, 2021


Half the month gone and nothing. Few remarks and no questions. Of course there is still no dancing so we must be patient. The basic offers of this blog are still good. As we get groups, we will get suggestions and make any necessary changes for the good of the reader/dancers. The biggest turn off at present is the word "free." And we cannot blame our reader/dancers. You gotta be careful if it says free.

It will be a work in process and the Panel space will be free, and only one to a group. No Trumpanzees accepted. All should have some kind of mask requirement and respect for social distance. Most people understand what we are up against. All the panels will be the same size, 435 pixels wide and 475 pixels long. I can make a trial poster for you, with minimum info and you can work on your own for later submission, if you wish. It will probably be updated once a week.

We hope for the best for all, stay safe and we shall dance again.

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