Friday, January 8, 2021

New Name

When I first thought of the name "Bill Board" I thought it was simple and to the point. No need complications. Now I have begun to run into other things with same name, Newsletters, Blogs, Pamphlets and Magazines. I found a few with Display Panel which means - a vertical surface on which information can be displayed to public view. So the focus remains the same and who knows, it may encompass a lot more topics

"Social dancer know not to count the days,
but make the days count."

It will be a work in process and the Panel space will be free, and only one to a group. No Trumpanzees accepted. All should have some kind of mask requirement and respect for social distance. Most people understand what we are up against. All the panels will be the same size, 435 pixels wide and 475 pixels long. I can make a trial poster for you, with minimum info and you can work on your own for later submission, if you wish. It will probably be updated once a week.

Meanwhile, the Word Press and Tumblr blogs are developing nicely and shorter. I want to get rid of my best blog which is Town Dancer. I need at least three people to turn it over. I have enough to do in my limited time. So I need people willing to share some information with our fellow dancers. And yes I know it is very limited because we do not dance. Stay safe, we will dance again.

"Wear your masks, respect social dance

and wash your hands, stay safe."