Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Second Test

What am I doing? I am not sure, so we can all learn. It will be a work in process. It will be a bill board with all boards the same size. 435 pixels wide and 475 pixels long. The length I decided, the width was dictated by the set up. The total width of the blog is 1500 pixels and I divided it into three columns of 500 pixels each. So with a little space on each size I reduced it to 435 pixels wide.

The boards are free, and only one to a group. No Trumpanzees accepted. All must have some kind of mask requirement and respect for social distance. You may design your own board, and if you wish I can make a make shift board to post while you take your time to make a good one more to your liking. You can get an idea by what I have for mine for now. I will change them according to what I want.

"My Molokai Woman" by  Willie K

The center column will have text and I will write most to begin with but sooner or later we will get some feedback. You have the email address in the left column. And that is the name of the game. Spread the word. We are all unique in our thinking and that is valuable if we can share it with our fellow dancers. We may come to a wider consensus than what have now with smaller cliques making the decisions.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears.

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