Saturday, October 24, 2020

From Lily Diamond Part Two

And yet. Over the past months, Hawaiʻi’s reefs, long dying under the toxic pall of chemical sunscreens, began to revive. Monk seals, turtles, and dolphins swim undisturbed in their habitats. On Maui, 20,000 rental cars that once clogged the roads sit fallow in lots near a quiet airport. Small towns where kūpuna kānaka maoli (native Hawaiian elders) and their families live reclaimed some sovereignty over land rightfully theirs. Until today. Which brings me to you, my friend. From the moment you set foot in Hawaiʻi to the time you leave, you have the opportunity and responsibility to redefine what tourism can look like here.

“Social dancers know that it does count if you believe in yourself
when it may not be so easy to believe in yourself." 

You hold that much power in this moment. I ask that you use it wisely. Start here: Understand your right relationship to the land. In Hawaiʻi, kānaka maoli lived in sustainable community for two thousand years before Europeans arrived and introduced diseases of the land, body, and mind. Hawaiian culture, practice, and spirituality understands the necessity of protecting the natural resources that sustain human life, and the insanity of trying to dominate nature. Land is sacred. Water is sacred. As are plants, animals, and all elements of nature. Consider this. Open your eyes to the power and tenderness of the world around you. Act accordingly.

"Hanalei Moon" by Loyal Garner 
Educate yourself about Hawaiʻi‘s past and present. Do you know how Hawaiʻi came to be illegally annexed to the United States in 1893? Do you know the story of Queen Liliʻuokalaniʻs life and rule? Do you know that even President Grover Cleveland described the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi as wildly unlawful? Do you know about the Hokuleʻa and the science of celestial navigation? How about the wisdom of ahupuaʻa, taro loʻi, and the teachings of Puʻuhonua o Puʻuhuluhulu to protect Maunakea? Google is your friend.

“Social dancers know how fortunate they are who still have hope."

Friday, October 9, 2020

The Trump Pandemic

Well, we got a dilly from Trump, "The Cure" that the entire world was waiting for. As he so modestly has claimed he is a "Stable Genius." Unfortunately no one knows how it happened or when it happened only that it happened to one person, the "Chosen" one. No one has ever mentioned Melania. Who dat? Tokyo, Berlin, Paris say they don't know anything about any cure for Pandemic. Trumpanzees say they are just stupid. Well for sure, somebody in this mess is stupid.

“If you're reading this...Congratulations, you're alive. The Trump Pandemic has not touched you yet. If that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is."

And the cases and the deaths keep going up

Asia, Europe and most of the world use the known and accepted methods. Their cases and deaths are going down. Testing as the only way to know who has it, to do everything possible to cure them. Wearing masks and hand washing is 96%, 97%  effective. Respect for social distance in 99% effective, And everyone knows and understands that this is not perfect. BUT, it is a hellavah lot better than ZERO percent effective. Trumpanzees do not know and do not understand this, even in Hawaii.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

"We want to dance again because there’s no greater feeling in the world than
moving to a piece of favorite music and letting the rest of the world go by.