Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not Doing So Good

This blog dropped down to single digit average per day hits. Something that is generally understood for most dance Web and Blog sites. My goal is around 33 average hits per day which tell me plainly that I not just beating my gums. Of course this has been happening when we have had only one unified opinion. The diversity makes for much more interest in the reader/dancers.

"If one of our dreams should fall apart into a million pieces, we should
not be afraid to pick up one of the pieces and start again."

Information Contributors and Guest Author have many honest and different opinions, which make SOS ;superfluous. And that is what we have at the moment in most of our blogs.having a single voice. We must spread it around and it will take communication and time.

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by the Four Aces

Meanwhile, throughout the US, the Latin Influence in music and social dance is increasing. The  Whites have only the Waltz and Fox Trot to call their own, along with a half dozen others from minor groups. The Blacks have at least a half dozen good ones. The fifty or so remaining are strictly Latin and all based on the original Native music and dance. Most of it from what had been in the Americas for centuries before the first illegal immigrants arrived.

Dance to express not to impress
Dance like nobody is watching
Dance is music made visible
Dance is silent poetry

Happy New Year Everyone.

Still Solid

This blog is doing very well in the average hits for the last two months. All the blogs have gone into a two month basis, November and December. Great in November and then the drop in December due to lack of blogging. Then too, there is an abundance of social media and we all understand how our reader/dancers can access this wealth of information with as little as a click of a mouse.

"When dancers dream alone it usually remains only a dream, but when
many dancers dream together it is the beginning of a new reality."

During my lost time of four weeks, I have had time to read and noticed that traditional media methods are struggling and that high-quality journalism has been hard to find, even in this age of abundance. However, our reader/dancers now have a choice, which was something that was strictly limited before.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen :Leed

Some are finding out that in blogging they can furnish original information and also talk back with their opinions and that is something that is going to take some getting use to.This is happening in this century and it never happened before.

"I'll Remember You"  by Don Ho

The dance community on Oahu is slowly beginning to realize what they can do. They will recognize all the different factions and respect them all.  It will take a while. The cliques were able contributors of negative information and much lying influence at one time but now are on the wane. We will soon have the real meat and potatoes of what we want in our dancing and fortunately we will have choices. of how to get it.

Happy New Year Everybody!