Monday, October 26, 2015

Makua Alii

Had some things to do in town, so I thought I would drop into Makua Alii. I took a few caps for Sally, it was a nice walk and I got there about 6:30. Not many people there but they came in shortly after. I got a little conversation here and there and a few photos. Everyone was nice as per usual.

I left early to get the 8:00 pm bus and I had to walk all the way to Ala Moana Center which takes about 20 minutes, but good exercise for me. The freeway is blocked by the Rail and they have a run around into Pearl City. These bus drivers are very good and I still got home by 9:30.

They dance Samba in the US and Europe but why?

"A good question is never answered.  It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to 
be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of ideas."

Brazil is a country overflowing with music from every corner, and there is a deep connection between Brazilians and their music. A tricultural mix of the original huge native populations, a few Portuguese colonizers and much later the African slaves makes for an immensely diverse population. (Within 300 years, it had the largest number of African descendants outside of Africa.)

And while the indigenous music retained much of its traditional context throughout the colonial period (and even today), it gradually lost its central role in the development of Brazil’s popular music. The music, the native beat nor the dance were from Africa. The huge group of lately arrived African Brazilians were not picked for their dancing knowledge. But coming from so many different parts of Africa, they accepted and took over the Samba as their own.

"Girl From Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Then in the US and Europe, the Professionals took over and added several "basic" steps and screwed it all up. It was popular but with so many basic moves that it eventually overwhelmed all the beginners and even the intermediates. They found it easier to move into other dances with the "one" basic step.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Timba Dance

Another Fad Dance. Timba is a Cuban genre of music based on popular Cuban music along with salsa, American funk/R&B, and the strong influence of Afro-Cuban (Negro) folkloric music. The word Timba is part of a large family of words that made their way into Spanish from African speech.

"Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time.
If you are right and you know it, speak your mind."

Before it became the newest Cuban music and dance craze, Timba was a word with several different uses yet no particular definition, mostly heard within the Afro-Cuban (Negro) genre of rumba. A Timbero was a complimentary term for a musician, and Timba often referred to the collection of drums in a folklore ensemble now taken over almost completely by the Negro sector.

"Paniolo Country" by Melveen Leed

 In this century, Timba has referred to Cuba's intense and slightly more aggressive music and dance from the Negro section of dancers. And many say it will replace Salsa and Bachata. This is coming in right after Zouk and Zumba. Meanwhile thousands of us are going to be dancing Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Samba.

"The reason animals are not good dancers is that they have two left feet."

Monday, October 19, 2015

We are getting there.

We are getting some help from our fellow dancers. And I try not to bother the ones that think we are making millions on their good looks, talent, fame and good fortune. They must understand that we are trying to do good in our dance world with the help of our fellow dancers.

"It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture.
It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult."

Some people are tight with their photos and we must respect that. But there are many that wouldn't mind seeing one of their photos in our dance blogs for the benefit of all the reader/dancers. Groups and first names would be good enough to start. This will come to pass, slowly but surely. Most people still are not even sure what social media in a blog is. Perhaps they are not even sure what a blog is. Be reassured, it is not a Web site. Currency is the difference.

"One More Time" by Gordon McCrae

Meanwhile, the expansion of ballroom dancing to West Oahu is happening, no matter who tries to stop it. From Makaka all the way to the North Shore. Platinum Horseshoe is probably the best public relations blog that they have in the West at the moment.  And since many in town do not pay much attention to others, many in the West are going to be included. So we can give them a boost. Kapolei will have a couple of new Business Parks and evolve into Second City.

"Green Eyes" by Jimmy Dorsey, with Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell.

There is only a flicker of hope at the moment for upper Moanalua Corridor, that is west of the stadium. The devastation from the Choo Choo is terrible. Of course, you also have two excellent dance studios in that section, even though they won't contribute information to us yet. Most of the dancing has been very very local and only for small groups, for whatever the reasons. Everything has to be away from the Choo Choo train.

"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" by Ray Connif.

Days Of Whine & Noises

A lot of molehills become mountains when someone adds a little dirt — Much smoking kills live people
and cures dead swine — Most people realize that “Class” does not mean “Money.” — There is nothing
like a big shot in the family to reinforce your belief in heredity — Be bold in what you stand for
and careful in what you fall for.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Taking Classes

by Marguerite Chapman, Makaha Towers.

Dance floors where dancing is taught are truly great human relations laboratories. Students, intent on learning, want to become nice dancers but more important, they're attempting to fill some personal need through the dancing. Through their association  with the dance class, the services of the teachers and the companionship of other members.

“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.”

Of course dancing is fun and romantic but it takes time, trouble and money, consequently, any desire to learn must originate from something pretty important. It's natural to want to be a great dancer, however, the motivation, although subliminal, is usually more vital than that. Too, if people could get what they wanted from life without learning to dance, students would be tough to come by.

 "Happy Hawaiian Music" by Melveen Leed

Then there's the love, lots and lots of love. If there is one quality a dance class cannot be great without, it's love. Not the romantic love, just plain caring attention to people and their needs. Just keep away from the nasty gossipers.

No one in the dance business ever got rich except Arthur Murray, but he was a genius so he doesn't count. The rest of us get rich in other ways. Life has never been dull or for that matter real. If the dance business is your vehicle, it can be a wonderful La La Land with more unbankable rewards than the average person can dream of.

"Por El Amor De Una Mujer" by Julio Iglesias

Spaghetti Arms: Limp arms with little or no tone. The leads may be difficult to follow.

El Charro

Charro is a term referring to a traditional horseman from Mexico, originating in the central-western regions of Mexico. The Mexican terms vaquero and ranchero (cowboy and rancher) are similar to the charro but different in culture, etiquette, mannerism, clothing, tradition and social status.

"Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes,
how would we know what we had to work on?" 

The culture of Mexico has undergone a tremendous transformation over the past few decades and the music and dance is very diverse widely throughout the country and what is exported. Many Mexicans live in cities, but smaller rural communities still play a strong role in defining the country’s collective vibrant community.

Mexico is a large country and consists of several ethnic groups. The mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) group accounts for 70 percent of the population. Amerindian people or predominantly Amerindian people account for 20 percent, while 10 percent of the population is of European descent mostly Spanish, but also must include Asians and Blacks. These groups create a culture that is unique to Mexico.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Come On In

Mariachi music coming in slowly but nicely into Hawaii. The trick is to phase it over from terrific listening music and they will learn to play it for dancing. And most of it, like most Latin dances use the even step, the rock step and chassé.

"The Creative Researchers And Producers will generally accept facts as truth, but only if the facts agree with what they already believe."

LAGS (The Latest And Greatest Syndrome) Shines. Social Dancing of all kinds is 95% partner dancing and there are over seven hundred different recorded moves in the partner dance, "Salsa." But some dancers come along and prefer to ignore them all, they just gotta shine. Wow! But we should understand that the kids like to dance their own way.

"Hey There" by Rosemary Clooney

And Bachata is still coming in strong all over the US. In many places they have Bachata dancing and that is all. Much like Tango preferences. And just to be more up to date, many have Zouk to go along with it. And this is all modern, 21st century stuff and for the younger generation. The Experienced Latin Dancer is a far different breed.

"Through these blogs read the most informed dancers in the Pacific."

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Makua Alii

Nice day Wednesday, and things went along very nicely. Ready early and I was in town by six pm. Made a few errands including picking up the specials on coffee at Longs. Just beautiful. And a nice walk to Makua Alii which took less than 20 minutes. Good exercise for me and I slept good that night.

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it,
but in the end, there it is."

Tad was right in telling me that they have less people on Wednesday than they do on Thursday and no one seems to know why. I intend to find out. Either way, they are a bunch of nice people and with free dance lessons, you can have a ball. Tad may not be the great dancer that he was before, but he knows the steps and all you have to is be there. With "practice" on the dance floor, you will have fun and learn something beautiful for the future.

"Maui Waltz by Loyal Garner

Left early to see if  I could get an earlier bus back to Nanakuli. Got some ice for my drink and I made it to Ala Moana Center in time to get the C bus at 8 pm and I was home at 9:15. Amazing! The Rail Disaster will never beat that in a million years. But of course, we all know, "It's the Bread, Fred." And the Fat Cats are making millions and million of dollars in profits. And we all know who is going to pay for all this.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Armando Manzanero

Armando Manzanero Canché  was born in Ticul, Mexico on December 7, 1935. He is a musician, singer, and composer of Mayan descent, widely considered the premier Mexican romantic composer of the postwar era and one of the most successful composers of Latin America. He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in United States in 2014.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.”

At the age of eight he was introduced into the world of music in his native city, later furthering his musical studies in Mexico City. In 1950, at the age of fifteen, he composed his first melody titled Nunca en el Mundo (Never in the World), of which twenty-one versions in different languages have been recorded to date. The following year he began his professional career as a pianist.

"Nunca En El Mundo" por Armando Manzanero

In 1957 he was signed as musical director by the Mexican branch of CBS International and as Musical Promoter for the next year the pianist of Latin American artists. In 1959, RCA Victor urged him to record his first album of love songs, which he named Mi Primera Grabación (My First Record.)

In 1965 he won the first place of the Festival de la Canción (Song Festival) in Miami with the song Cuando Estoy Contigo (When I'm With You.) In 1970, his song "Somos Novios" was translated into English by Sid Wayne, composer for Elvis Presley. The English version, "It's Impossible", was performed by Perry Como and was nominated for a Grammy.

In 1978 he won the first place of the Mallorca Festival in Spain, with the song Señor Amor (Mister Love). In 1982, the song Corazón Amigo (Heart Friend), was honored in the Yamaha Festival. In 2011, Manzanero became President of and one of the main directors of the Asociación Nacional de Autores y Compositores (Mexican National Association of Authors and Composers). He also served as Vice President of the association From 1982 through 2011. His work in defense of copyright laws has strengthened this organization and has given it international acclaim.

Manzanero has composed more than four hundred songs, fifty of which have given him international fame. He has participated in numerous radio and television shows, recorded more than thirty albums, and composed the musical scores of several movies. During the fifty years of his musical career, Manzanero has given performances all over Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, New York, and many other prestigious cities of Europe and Asia.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Revival

Blogger sure has screwy stats, very erratic. This blog now at the bottom of the pile. When I get these blogs a little more straightened up, I will have to try one of the other counters out there and there are some very good ones. I will try it with the bottom blog and see what happens.

"We all make mistakes, and make many wrong choices, -
but we move on and we learn from our mistakes."

Advertising: The mouthpiece of business. It is publicity that had been developed to a fine art. It may even had you think you had longed all your life for something you have never heard of before. However the programmers in Adobe and in Microsoft cannot do any selling the old fashioned way. Now they try to force their way into your computer life. Adobe used to be one of the most respected computer organizations in the world.

 "A Dios le pido" por Juanes

Now look at how people look at them. A bunch of crooks muscling into your computer with annoying spam. Microsoft cannot sell a messed up Operating System so now they try to force you into trying their deal for free. They still do not know that it is screwed by the same "complicaters" How close or far away is this from what we do for our friends in blogging.? Much of what we do is still misunderstood. We are here to help.

"What A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

We are slowly developing the best dance environment in the nation. But it will not be done by one person or one club. Look around you and you can get an idea.

"Y dejen los buen tiempos rodar."

Friday, October 2, 2015

We are moving right.

So we are getting there little by little. We just need the Contributing Editors and a Guest Author. The places that we can cover are gradually coming into view. And it should be easier in town where there is so much competition, The new dance club will make it more difficult for all the rest. But it is everyone's game and many are learning how to play it.

"We all make mistakes - we hurt and disappoint people, get hurt and get disappointed. Don't get
caught up in the past, learn from it. Allow yourself to grow, to smile and to be happy."

Waianae, Kapolei and perhaps the rest of the West is waking up in spite of the Present Rail Party. They want to become cities on their own and ignore, the "keep the country, country." We know those rats. This closing up at six pm is getting to be less, even though Kapolei has a very large amount of businesses closing up at that hour. They will be going to eight pm soon.

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by the Four Aces

"Let Me Go, Lover" by Joan Weber

On the Waianae coast, Nanakuli is leading the way with Sack N Save open until eleven. Kentucky Fried and Food 2 Go are now also open until eleven. The Present Rail Party stopped Walgreens from being built in Nanakuli but it would have been be open until midnight, which will call for a cocktail lounge, open until midnight. From there Nanakuli could have become the "late spot" for the Waianae coast. Of course, they could also move the Naval area to the big island and allow for an industrial area and more housing. Wow! Whatta Valley that could be!

"You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself."

Waianae District Park will be the place for Ballroom Dancing with the best Dance Floor in the West already there. Unfortunately, no one can recall ever seeing dancing on those floors. We just got to get together to help the dance scene on this entire island. How about the North Shore? But who is stopping the building of a business park? Yeah, the same ones that want all the action in Honolulu. Millions and millions of dollar in profit from the just the Rail Catastrophe. It's the bread, Fred.