Saturday, May 31, 2014

Old Hats

Rumba and Cha Cha Cha are "zapatos viejos"  (old shoes) for the young Latin dancer. Most accept anything new and lately are interested in the part for show. The basics of Rumba and Cha Cha Cha have been there for a few centuries. And yet there are an increasing number of people teaching styling in Latin dancing. It is making a big difference in Latin social dancing. But it is not da reel teeng. And the difference should be understood by everyone in dancing, feeling is much different than for show.

"People danced. After the activities that secured the material necessities, like food and shelter, the dance came first. It is the earliest outlet for emotion and the beginning of the arts ... the great mother of the arts."

Dance generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting usually to music. Can we get back to old time dancing? Dance is also used to describe methods of non-verbal communication between humans or animals (bee dance, mating dance), motion in inanimate objects (the leaves danced in the wind), and certain musical forms or genres.

"Moliendo Cafe" por Azucar Moreno

People who dance are called dancers and the act of dance is known as dancing. An event where dancing takes place may be called a dance. Choreography is the art of making dances. But all this terminology is in process of changing because the new waves coming in and they know it all. (or at least they think they know it all.)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Looks Good

The adjustments seem on the whole for the better. Three new professionals and a couple more on deck looking over the opportunity. Two new dance studios and one new one pending in the West. Many new people coming in to dance. Everyone has been easily accepted everywhere. We offer whatever help we can give. The reader/dancers are beginning to see the differences in sharing communication on a dance blog and a "To whom it may concern" paid advertisement.

"Someday we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe we wont,
maybe we will find something better than that."

The differences in Web sites and Blog sites are becoming more obvious, when you see more effective blog sites coming into existence. You really want to know if you are not just beating your gums, so you must have a counter even if it is hidden. I have mine in public display and get suggestions on my slower moving ones. Mahalo to all.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

From my stats and experience in the last 15 years, single digit average hits per day is definite cause for worry. If you cannot get it over that, it is a lost cause. Next is getting into double digits. Now you have some hopes, get suggestions, ask, because it is not enough. You must get into the twenties in average hits per day which is 600 hits per month. Eventually you will see your goal as 34 hits or 1000 per month, then you are in. This is Oahu and the neighbor islands are not any better.

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by the Four Aces

Of course, the suggestion of going to more places where my stuff is needed is correct except that they must learn to do it themselves. And there is no one out there qualified to define my job description. I am running out of time and I can plan on making my first independent blog, where they make their own rules. The Two Centers and Guest Authors are crucial to make the best blogs. Others will follow and the junk blogs will remain mine. I offer a big opportunity to some people in Social Media if they can recognize it. It has taken me a long time to design it which actually did it on its own.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nice People in Latin Dance.

The Dance community is really taking to Latin dance in the Night Clubs. And the social dance clubs are not far behind. Of course, we don't know what is just going to morph into a fad. Here today and gone tomorrow. But that is nothing new, been happening on the Mainland for over a century. Then there are the new dance instructors arriving on this Island and generally being well accepted nicely by the entire dance scene. And the big Dance Studio and Weekend Night Club will be coming to the West.

"You are never too old to set another goal, to dream another dream."

On the Mainland they are taking a look at how Latin rhythms have affected American popular music in general. And also looking into how Puerto Rican immigrants and African Americans created hip hop music during the 1970s, in the South Bronx though it was for the very young.

"Begin The Beguine" by Artie Shaw

In addition to being the birthplace of Hip Hop, the South Bronx also was the place where much of the salsa music came into being in the 1960s. One generation of musicians played salsa and the next generation developed hip hop. Of all the genres of music covered so far, these are the ones we know the least about. We also know very little about the actual life and culture of the South Bronx.

Most of this type of music and dance is for the very young. Social Dancing is a more mature look at dancing. The over thirty crowd and generally, older and more well to do. Of course, no one asks for a financial statment. They have their private social dance clubs and many go nightclubbing now and then.

They attend frequent large scale Dinner Dance Extravadanzas at Hotels with outstanding exhibitions and general dancing. But they are mainly "to see and be seen" for show and there is a large exodus when the exhibitions are over. Even though they still have a nice crowd to enjoy the general dancing.

"Maria Elena" by Jimmy Dorsey

Much of this has been in town, but now with the Rail Catastrophe looming in the near future, people are desperately searching for a way to enjoy all this in the West and avoiding the big hassles of going to town.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Adjustments On Oahu

It is readjusting very nicely, with the class studios in process in Honolulu. This adjustment was long in coming but it had to when the deluxe dancers realized "where" it was best to learn to dance International Style. The proof was in the pudding.

Of course, the beneficiaries of all this is the emergence of the American Style dancers on their own merits. For too long it was assumed a stepping stone to "Da Reel Teeng" International. Lately, most dancers have been enlightened, especially with the help of the Night Club contingent which has been coming on strong in the last couple years.

They have recognized the possible and convinced them to be probables. They have discovered their backgrounds and where are they are from. They have taken an interest in their problems and try to help solve those problems. Many of those problems have been addressed in social media, newsletters, web and blog sites or just in the exchange of email. The bigger the problem, the better,  although this usually means it’s more difficult to solve.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The entire enchilada is looking good and lucky we have so many good people to enjoy it with. If it wasn't for the Rail Catastrophe the future in town would be rosy indeed. But the people in the West will be forced to avoid the big hassles in getting to town. Feeder buses, rail stations, noise, the entire mess, terrible. Much different than just getting the bus right around the corner.

The freeways are doomed to be more crowded and the traffic in town will be worse. Unfortunately many will be stuck in it, and everyone has got to pay for it. Many thought is was all Pork, but it is not. And for some it is the bread, Fred. Auwe. In the West, people must find more places nearby to work and play and live life a little closer to Paradise.

"Stranger in Paradise" by Tony Bennett

Meanwhile I continue to learn Social Media, as I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+. Then I just found out about additional information apps available so they can tell me how other web and blog sites are doing. It is a bit much and I will be glad when I can get rid of my best blog.

"Dancing is the World’s Second Most Popular Indoor Sport"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Legend In His Own Time

Ángel Agustín María Carlos Fausto Mariano Alfonso del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Lara y Aguirre del Pino, October 30, 1897– November 6, 1970), known as Agustín Lara was a Mexican singer, actor and songwriter. Actually the best composer of Latin music in the world in the twentieth century.

"Never accept anyone's decision on your life. You can define your own self."

Lara was born in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. Later, the Lara family had to move to Mexico City, establishing their house in the borough of Coyoacán. After their mother died, Agustín and his siblings lived in a hospice run by their aunt.  It was there that he had his first contact with music.

Lara’s first musical composition was Marucha, written in honour of one of his first loves. He was never a handsome man yet manage to have some of the most famous and beautiful women in Mexico.

"Pecadora" by Augustin Lara
In the late twenties, he worked for the tenor Juan Arvizu as composer and accompanist. In September 1930, Lara began a successful radio career. At the same time he acted and composed songs for such films as Santa.

"Granada" by Augustin Lara

Lara’s first tour, to Cuba in 1933, was a failure because of political turmoil on the island. Later, more successful tours in South America, as well as such new compositions as Solamente Una Vez (composed in Buenos Aires and dedicated to José Mojica), Veracruz, Tropicana, and Pecadora increased his fame.

Maria Felix and Augustin Lara
By the beginning of the 1940s, Lara was well known in Spain. In 1965, the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, gave him a house in Granada to show his appreciation of Lara’s songs with Spanish themes, such as Cuerdas de mi Guitarra, Granada, Seville and Madrid. He received additional honors and decorations from around the world.

"Veracruz" by Augustin Lara

In 1968, Lara’s health began to decline rapidly; an accident that fractured his pelvis further aggravated his condition. On November 6, 1970, Lara passed and he was buried in Mexico City. By the time of his death, Lara had written more than 700 songs.

 Blogger's Law #41:
All gossip at the Palladium is true. Do not be misled by facts.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Professionals, Mexico

While the types of writing systems in Mesoamerica range from minimalist "picture-writing" to complex logophonetic systems capable of recording speech and literature, they all share some core features that make them visually and functionally distinct from other writing systems of the world. But it has taken awhile to interpret such diversity.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward,
but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

The larger the civilization, the more professionals were created. Mathematicians, Astrologers, and naturally musicians and dancers. These professionals only had one thing to worry about seven days a week. The rest was provided for them, a place to live, food and clothing and even a few extras such as the nectar of the gods (booze.)

 "Cuando Escuches Este Valse" por Vicente Fernandez

The co-incidence is very evident that they had theories much more advanced than the so called civilized nations. They had the zero before the Romans. Ha! The Aztecs had the sun in the center of their Solar System. And it proved to the Spanish how stupid these Indians were and that concept remain for decades. It took a hundred years to be accepted in Europe. The Aztec Calendar which they got from the Mayans, was not confirmed until the Gregorian Calendar almost two hundred years later.

On the left: I saw a Samoan last year that looked identical and yet there are no records of anyone from the Pacific ever been there at the time.

The identities of the Olmec large statues are uncertain, but their individualized features and distinctive headgear, as well as later Maya practice, suggest that these heads portray rulers rather than deities. During the pre-Columbian period, many city-states, kingdoms, and empires competed with one another for power and prestige. Ancient Mexico can be said to have produced five major civilizations: the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan,Toltec, and Aztec.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media is fine; To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job but there ain't nuttin' like a blog.

The Pau Hana Dance

The Tea Dance has been in existencc for over 200 years. In the beginning it was for moneyed people and they got together at the club, in the afternoons, to have their tea, a few snacks, nice conversation and "dancing." Go home and ready for Dinner At Eight. But definitely not for the working class.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”

Then in the early part of the last century it evolved, into a later in the afternoon dance and which could be joined by people that worked in upscale occupations. They got there already in a suit, could have alcoholic drinks and last to six or seven.

Still later, late thirties, with the increase automobile traffic, the Tea Dance began at 5 pm right after work, and last to 8 or 9 pm at which time traffic had thinned down and it was a lot more pleasant getting home. This dwindled down due to the increase in the Big Bands and Big Ballrooms and where anyone with the entrance fee could get in. And later in the evening, so it became the night out.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Now in Honolulu, everyone knows the traffic situation is bad and with the Rail Disaster it is definitely going to get worse. There will be a Pau Hana Dance in the middle of the week in Downtown Honolulu. Probably beginning at about 5 and lasting until 8 or 9 pm. The biggest difference is establishing the fact that there will be a lot less income from the sale of booze.

Plenty of chopstick pupus would  be available. And unknown in Honolulu, the Juice Bar. People get thirsty dancing and it is most appropriate since social dancers have the reputation of going to a dance with intentions of dancing not in Boozing it up. The drive home would be easier, more pleasant and take less time.

In spite of those wishing to screw it up we are lucky to have so many wanting to make this place closer to Paradise.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Line Dancing is not a Fad.

By George Ching, Liliha

Line dancing's current popularity grew out of the disco period, when the country-western dance and music communities continued to explore and develop this form of dancing. And on Oahu it just keeps rolling. It would be more of a fun dance with more men.

“No one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone. That is the true experience of freedom:
having the most important thing in the world without owning it”

Line dancing is a popular recreation activity and is practiced and learned in country-western dance bars, social clubs, dance clubs and ballrooms worldwide. It avoids the problem of imbalance of male/female partners that plagues ballroom/swing/salsa dancing clubs. It is sometimes combined on dance programs with other forms of country-western dance, such as two-step, shuffle, and western promenade dances, as well as western-style variants of the waltz, polka and swing.

 "Achey Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus

Zumba evolved as a separate type of line dance with their eye on the young. But arriving with about the same results except that it has more emphasis on the exercise aspects. and the music is more update. You are not likely to listen to oldies but goodies,  Definitely for the young. And the fad dances keep coming in as the latest "true" way to dance. What ever happened to Reggaeton? Was suppose to supplant Salsa but then Bachata came in. And there are two others waiting in the parking lot.

Zouk is coming in but it is also a made up "new" dance passing itself off as a "Latin" dance. Simple even step, step, step. Of course, not far behind is Kizomba which is supposed to be an African dance. Fat Chance.  Does anyone remember the Lambada. More than one quarter of a billion dollars was spent in classes alone. Lasted less than eight years. It's the bread, Fred. It's the money, Sonny.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Now we can date Waltz back 400 years and it has produced some of them most beautiful music in the world, EVER. The three count measure had been in existence for millenniums all over the world and it is reasonable that the experience dancers will enjoy them for at least another millennium. The young will be working on the 99th "new" dance during this decade and many will spend millions. Hell, it's easy come, easy go.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bedroom Communities

 "Keep the country, country" was not coined by the people in the bedroom communities. It was the downtown people to keep everyone dealing with Honolulu. A lot of things have been designed with express purpose of keeping people from dealing with each other direct throughout the Island. You must go through Honolulu first. And the Present Rail Party was built from there.

"Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being."

There could have been third city, Kaneohe, Kailua and fourth city, the North Shore, also started forty years ago. Yes, I know, it would not see large increases in land value in the Honolulu area. But each one of those areas could have developed into the over 100,000 population necessary to be viable as an entity. The residents would not have to spend 13, 14 daily work days, mostly in commuting. They could have Paradise, now.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

Each one of those sectors would have just needed a little more industrial park development. Another Super Market, Drug store, a couple of bars and a night club for night life, and a nice community park building for dancing would have rounded it into a good basic city structure. And most of us will be there.

A requirement for the second or third city. A nice dance night club.

Now they are thinking of making real high rises in Kakaako. Traffic Problem? Who Cares? Traffic bumper to bumper at eleven pm on Saturday night? No bodder me! I gotta bike. But all understand, it's the money, Sonny. It's the dough, Flo. The hell with the people.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Cha Cha Cha

By Franklin Contreras, Enchanted Lake:

As a dance music genre, cha-cha-chá is unusual in that its creation can be attributed mainly to a single composer, Enrique Jorrín, then violinist and songwriter with the charanga band Orquesta América. Of course, he got the help of his fellow musicians and the music that he was exposed to at this time. The most interesting was that whereas most composed for their own preferences in music, Enrique focused on the dancers.

"If the wheels of dance in Hawaii thought we'd lose our will,
they were wrong  ...  Again."

Enrique Jorrín wrote:

I composed some danzones in which the musicians of the orchestra were singing short refrains. The audiences liked it, so I kept it up. In the danzón "Constancia," I inserted some well-known montunos and when the audience joined in singing the refrains; it led me to compose more danzones in this style. I asked all the members of the orchestra to sing in unison.

This accomplished three things: the lyrics were heard more clearly and had greater impact and also the poor vocal quality of the instrumental musicians (who were not actually singers) was masked. In 1948, I changed the style of "Nunca," a Mexican song by Guty de Cárdenas. I left the first part in the original style and I gave a different feeling to the melody in the second part.

I liked it so well that I decided to separate the last part, that is to say, the third trio or montuno, from the danzón. Then I came up with pieces like "La Engañadora" (1951), which had an introduction, a part A (repeated), a part B, a return to part A and finally, a coda in the form of a rumba. From nearly the beginning of my career as a composer of dance songs, I watched how the dancers danced the danzón-mambo.

"Nostalgias" por Placido Domingo

I noted that most of them had difficulty with syncopated rhythms, owing to the fact that their steps fell on the upbeat (contratiempo), or in other words, the second and fourth eighth notes of the (2/4) measure. The dancers dancing on the upbeat and the syncopated melodies made it very difficult to coordinate the steps with the music. I began to compose melodies to which one could dance without instrumental accompaniment, trying to use as little syncopation as possible.

I moved the accent from the fourth eighth note- where it was normally found in the mambo- to the first beat of the cha-cha-chá. And so the cha-cha-chá was born- from melodies that were practically danceable by themselves and a balance between melodies on the downbeat and the upbeat."

"Muevete" por Joaquin Munez

Today it is still one of the most reliable well known dances for the Latin dancer. Danced to music that is Da Reel Teeng it can be one of the most enjoyable dances in the World. It can be danced comfortably to slow and medium beats. Try it in a fox trot. Nice, but you are not a dancer you are a mover to music and you move as you damn well please.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Looking Good. At the beginning of the year we were inundated with scam spam robot hits. Gradually blogger seemed to do away with them. Our stats became static, reduced by the robot hits and increase by our legit hits. Now they are very evidently edging upwards.

"Be more concerned with you character than with your reputation.
Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think of you."

Of course, the Micros that I have engaged have proved miraculous. And I am making some contact with mainlanders that may use the blogs for the benefit of the reader/dancers. I have, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Twitter seems to be the most effective and I now have four twitter accounts. Yesterday I added the old My Space and it is evolving. I must use as many methods as I can to help the Reader/Dancers get information.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

The contact with the Pacific Rim is also increasing. From my viewpoint I can see 334 average hits per day for all eight of my blogs by June 30th. That will be 1000 hits per month and let me tell you, out here in the middle of the Pacific, that is communication. Then my problem will be getting rid of the top blogs, one by one. Ths Junk Blogs will remain mine.

A solid plan is important and it has taken me sometime. What did I know? My content plan is the foundation that my blogs will be built on and without one, results can be even more difficult to get.  I may often feel like I am going round in circles, but without a plan I will just end up wasting more time in the future when I could get it nailed down right now.

 As Benjamin Franklin once said:  “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”  And I agree.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Razz Ma Tazz

Amazing that "styling" has gone pretty heavy into the Night Club circuit. Everyone wants to look cute.Most of the moves in Latin have been very natural, and this other stuff has come into the US in the last quarter century. The best way is only the simple moves to the music of your pleasure. Yes it has a little something else. Some advice is that if you can learn to spell your name with your bum, You Are In.

"Ven Devorame Otra Vez." por Orlando Flores.

The basic has been in the Caribbean for a couple centuries. The Rock step breaking wherever the accent is, and either a slow or chasse. How about the beguine? Same thing. The Calypso, same. Mambo, Rumba, Salsa, it has been there. Then you really just need the proper music. A Bolero-Rumba at the right speed and you can be in heaven with just a few simple movements.

"It may not be ideas, it may be making ideas happen."

Nice that this blog is finally starting to move. Took over a month to get it out of single digit average day hits. Now in the upper tens and perhaps I can get it into the 20s by the end of the month. The Micros have been a big help, mainly Twitter. I will just have to keep pushing. I will slow down soon.

Friday, May 9, 2014

We are getting closer.

For many dancers in Hawaii, blogging embodies an idealized vision of democracy – a liberal, open-minded environment that promotes free speech and provides a platform for alternative views. Once, only the powerful and wealthy on these islands had a voice which largely operated as a monologue; the elite spoke, and the upper masses listened. In turn, the masses drowned out the voices of the powerless and poor. And the Creative Researchers And Producers evolved on the island of Oahu.

"The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or
spend it living the life you don't want. The choice is yours."

This hierarchy, established over decades, has been short-circuited in this century by combination of newsletters, Web and Blog sites. However Blog sites in the form of currency and recency of article comments have been coming up very strong, coupled with other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it has served to spread independent opinions.

Now, the words or deeds of all can trigger a loud and sustained response that is hard to ignore and It's easy to see the benefits of this. Marginalised and wronged groups will be able to use online campaigns to usher us all forward into a more enlightened era in which we can be more open-minded about the entire dance community.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Al Martino

For us using Blogger's term Guest Author is out. Sounds too temporary and does not reflect their independent status. We have now changed it to "Invited Writer." That person will be invited to write whatever they wish, whenever they wish. Articles that are short but not too short, and long but not too long. Easy? In effect a completely Independent blog within the Main Blog.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jumping All Over

Dancers are doing their thing all over the world. Caribbean Cruises for dancers seem pretty common. Many leave early in the morning so that the passengers can enjoy the ocean scene. In the evening dinner and dancing. Everything shuts down by midnight, they can be pretty tired. The boat is moving to the next destination. In the morning they are there and they can get touristy and spend the day on shore. And they keep going, they know what they are doing.

"No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you already had."
~Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist, known affectionately as Gabo throughout Latin America. Considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century, he was awarded the 1972 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature. He pursued a self-directed education that resulted in his leaving law school for a career in journalism. From early on, he showed no inhibitions in his criticism of Colombian and foreign politics. On his death in April 2014, Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia, described him as "the greatest Colombian who ever lived".

"Moliendo Cafe" por Azucar Moreno

Meanwhile in all our dance groups most of us are having fun
and that is the name of our game.

Pub's Side Note: Comments section are opened and closed when we get too much comment spams. Those programmers are a uncivilized lot, they just don't care. I may try to open all again end of month.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We need? Yes, we do.

The opinion is what matters. I know it is not easy. Most of the time it is just a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. We all seem to agree on that point. How about that? It can be a personal view, attitude, or appraisal and/or the formal expression of a professional judgment. 

And we should consider - Every day lost - On which - We have not danced - At least once.
~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

In Law. (out of our kuleana,) it is the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.

But for sure these opinions are needed most desperately in our blogs. From all of you, out there. Blogging like Calvin and Debra are the top, (did you see yesterday's Town Dancer?) but we cannot all be the top. If we are going to get different opinions they are not going to be the same or received the same by everyone. But each one of us has a place in Social Media even though our blogosphere is not there yet,

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

Using the average hits per day, I can pretty closely predict the total hits at the end of the month and even two or three months ahead. Specially now that all the blogs (by myself) have hit the wall, except for Town Dancer.That one has gone ahead beyond my expectations. That is the one that should become independent, and when it does, it will really roll. Two more writers are all that is needed.

In our case we definitely need more information from reader/dancers willing to share their dance environment with their fellow dancers. In addition we need information from the peripherals, the Line dancers, Salsa, Tango, Country. And the Two Centers and the Guest Authors remain crucial for the development of these blogs.

Pub's Side Note: Why isn’t Public Relations dominating the field of our dance communications? There are probably 300 reasons for that but there are a few really important ones that get to the heart of why we’re letting others eat our lunch. Those that are interested can come to their own conclusions. Take your time and you can post here in the blog of your choosing,

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Nice quote:
"I am ambitious. I set goals; not because I am ungrateful for what I have, but because I am happy with who I am. I enjoy the experience of rising above my perceived limitations and discovering new levels of my capabilities."

People used to think the world was flat. It’s not that they were stupid, it’s just what they were told. Then came Magellan who set sail in one direction and returned from the other. If you are new to our dance world, it is your turn. You can settle for someone else’s version of our dance world. Or you can bravely embark on a journey of your own. And there is plenty to see.

"Green Eyes" by Jimmy Dorsey

Latin Dance is rapidly coming to prominence. However if Salsa is Latin. Latin is not Salsa. No disrespect, just reality. And you will begin to recognize the fads. Yes, it's the money, Sonny. Gradually you will find the definition of our kind of dancing.

Pub's Side Note: We cannot do what one person tells us to do. But we can certainly hear what many of you say and then we must move accordingly. Have a happy and safe Cinco De Mayo.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gotta Keep Looking

There is the possibility of a new Salsa dance club forming. Perhaps I can help there too if they let me know about it. If there are any Salsa dancers to write up, photos, hey, I welcome those too. The good reception from the reader/dancers is what makes it "social media." It is a win-win situation for everyone and the hits are coming from all over.

"Perfection is Annihilation, it paralyzes us from working with the heart. Humans are not
perfect by nature and imperfections are what make the world beautiful."

Wendy Johnson, World class adjudicator:

This is an event I am hesitant to critique as it is difficult for me to find anyone really dancing what I think styling is all about. I would love to see a couple base their American Rumba on a "box step" instead of dancing a "half baked" version of Bolero or International Rumba. Mambo has become lines and shaking ones "whatever."

What happened to Swing being a fun, rhythmical dance based on a swing basic? I am not a fan of cute steps either in Jive or Swing and am constantly annoyed by couples wasting precious dancing time doing nothing but working the audience or spending time being "cool."

Pub's Note: (Is it possible that even in exhibition dancing you can get too cute?)

"With A Song In My Heart" by Pebbles

How I compete, by Katie Couric
Television News is one of the most competitive arenas anywhere. I think the only way to thrive and survive in that atmosphere is to have the love of competition in your blood. You have to want to compete, to get in the race and not give up. I'm lucky. I learned how to do that at an early age.

When I was growing up, the President's Council of Physical Fitness invited schools to participate in a nationwide challenge to test kids fitness levels with things like the shuttle run, the bar hang and the 50 yard dash. I'd spend the night before rubbing Ben Gay on my arms and legs and I'd get my mom to cut my ponytail so there'd be less wind resistance.

Soon the teachers were pulling me out of the fourth grade to compete against sixth grade boys. I didn't always win. But it taught me to love just being in the race, to take joy in giving your all, and to never be afraid to compete. The only thing worse than losing a race is never to having the guts to run.
From Business Week, some years ago.

"You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog" ~Harry Truman

There have been two groups in town that have consistently produced the best International Style dancers on this island. By the same token there have been two groups that have consistently produce the worst International Style dancers on this Island. Who? Ha Ha! We are talking competition here are we not? That is the name of your game.

Friday, May 2, 2014


This blog is beginning to roll very nicely and though I usually expect erratic behavior in the first days of the month, this one has pleasantly surprised me going over 20 hits in one day. First time and I hope the blog stays in the 20s, for a while anyway, then must go up.

We all live our lives in a wide community, which is part of a society
within the wider world. Surely it's common sense to want to make our
community/society/world a better place, for us all to live in?

A blast everywhere for this strange day in Hawaii.

But I must get other opinions constantly into the blogs. Those that contribute information and photos are usually identified as Two-Centers. They may find it a pleasant diversion to share with their fellow reader/dancers and may progress into being official Guest Authors, of the blog of their choosing. Up to them, they can then get in, write, publish, and get out without anything but using their password to get past Blogger. And they can do it whenever they damn well feel like it. This is Social Media.

"Frenesi" by Artie Shaw

For now the easiest of our blogs is Dance Blog, merely compiles what is happen in the entire enchilada. How to get on as Two Center, Guest Author, develop slide shows, teacher of the month, dancer of the month and many other social media activities not covered ordinarily elsewhere. I very simply do not have the time to do everything. But the entire blogosphere has been set up. Some people will make good use of it and it will be out of my hands.