Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recreational Dancing

Recreational, Universal dancing, Cultural dancing and on the mainland, also known as street dancing. will be accepted in the West Oahu before the dancers in town. Now I am certain of it. First the cliques, the Creative Researchers And Producers and the Rootzi Tootzis are not that heavily involved in West Oahu.

"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory." ~ Oscar Wilde

The "Top" group are the ones that will resist the natural evolving the most. They have always made it known that they dance "correctly" and therefore are different than the rest of us. Now they should accept the fact that we agree with them and they may not be needed for most of us to learn to social dance.

At least in the last half of the last century, all the new dances, fads etc that have come into our dance world, have not been dictated from on top. All new movements will continue to evolve from "movers," the people that are moving to the music of their choice and there is a big, big difference.

"Dear Hearts And Gentle People" by Bing Crosby

One version to learn any dance, - for instance, Waltz. First Line dance for a couple, three months and just try to enjoy the music. Then three consecutive courses with different dance teachers in Bronze. Appreciate the music and the rest of what you pick up is gingerbread. You will be better than than most dancers of Waltz anywhere and able to lead or follow the most moves.

Whereas 20 years ago there was a touch of the confessional with the words, "I'm just a social dancer." Now, there definitely is a touch of pride in the words, "I am a social dancer." Perhaps the Night Club dancers more than those of our group. As we become more certain that there are a hellavah lot more of us than the "Top."

"We don't have all the answers, but we can get pretty close sometimes. Mull it over."

Two elderly women were taking their morning stroll in the Nanakuli Shopping Center. Gladys: 'The whole time that Bill was alive, did you have mutual climax? Ethel thought a while; 'No, I think we always had State Farm."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cruising, continued

I Don't Know This Dance
By Kay Gilley

There are a limited number of partners who know one of my favorite dances Nightclub Two-step. This is a fairly simple dance which follows the same slow-quick-quick that we do in Rumba.

I have "taught" the dance to a number of experienced partners on the dance floor by simply teaching them the basic step and then telling them we can do any step they know from Cha Cha Cha or Rumba in that rhythm.

While there are steps that are unique to Nightclub Two-step, this quick improvisation gives them a way to quickly incorporate what they already know. It does not purely follow the rules for Nightclub Two-step, but it provides an opening for the experienced dancer to innovate within a framework of mastered steps and rhythm. ****

This is all part of our Recreational Style of Dance but it has been suggested that another thing that distinguishes us, the recreational Dancers, from the top deluxe class, that dictate to us how we should dance, is the income levels.

There’s one way to find out if a man is honest ~ ask him.
If he says, "Yes," you know he is a crook. ~ Groucho Marx

There has gotta be some dancers in that territory.

I don't usually accept anonymous but in this case, OK.
"I sit here saddened as I think of the times when I have been shamed before the ones I love and those who are suppose to know my heart. Yes, I have cried in secret and died inside to a level of joy and trust I once felt. Gossip has affected me and changed me deep within. It has been a shadow in the background of every visit and conversation I've since had with those who have heard my condemnation. In a way, it has become my reality."

This one should be easy to use for anyone that has used Twitter,
only you got more room here.

I very effectively over diluted the blogs available to our reader/dancers during the month and it sure brought it to a head. Oahu East was deleted and Makapu'u Point became The Eastside. Then the old East Ko-olau blog was changed to the Micro Blog, Da B-itter. At present the one most in doubt is The Eastside. Most of the dancers in that territory are accustomed to going to town for dancing. There is a chance, with only one blog covering the entire section of East Oahu. We intend to help wherever we can including the outskirts.

Nice new dance at Honolulu Hale, "All you have to do is take three steps forward,
two steps backward, then side-step, side-step and turn around."
From the Rail Party, Natch, they are the masters of deceit.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcomed Email

From Tod & Donna Matsumoto
Cc: Diana;Rotating Instructor Behic, Charlene In, Paul Billington

Theo & Diana Behic, choreographers for the Kaimuki/Manoa Waltz group formation to the song "Mexican Wind" for the HBDA 54th Anniversary Ball.
This was in response to the following email from Paul

On Aug 19, 2013, at 10:51 AM, Billington, Paul wrote:

Aloha Tod and Donna,
Pepe, Joe Martel, and I were talking on Friday and he asked me to provide to him an action photo, of 1 couple from our routine, for his Blog.

Charlene and I were hoping that you had one of Diana and Theo.  We have received their permission. Could you please send one to Pepe with the information about the routine and who they are?
"The ultimate arbiter of truth is experiment, not the comfort one derives from one's a priori beliefs,
nor the beauty or elegance one ascribes to one's theoretical models."
This shows very graphically what the dancers can do for the benefit of all our dancers by the use of our blogs. However, in this case, just a  coincidence, I already had Theo and Diana. Fortunately we will get more. This thing is moving along very nicely. Perhaps another chapter has a couple. I have over one hundred couples from the Internet, but I intend to eventually delete all those and we will have only our local dancers. And our locals do very well indeed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Viewpoint

Nancy Gonzales, Kalealoa

I would like to think of an immense film, shot at the altitude necessary to include the whole American continent. The larger picture remains frozen, the camera fixed, & thus we can observe the movements occurring on the continent in 1492, a few days before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Music is the medicine of the breaking heart. ~Leigh Hunt

I would behold something like a rhythmic dance of harmonious, coordinated gestures, a bubbling beehive of activity, charged with life. It is estimated that over one hundred million persons lived in America at that time, organized in thousands of independent centers & sub-centers.

Only in Mexico & the United States, there were more than a hundred groups of distinct languages that were spoken. Then we see a grand diversity of usages & customs, ceremonies, festivals, & local dress & beliefs, among the groups from Argentina to the Alaska, along with different racial characteristics.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Climate, geography, & geographically determined fauna & flora occasioned limitless particularities among these peoples. These particularities, consequently, manifested themselves in most varied ways, surprising & delighting us with the wealth of their content & forms (which distinguish & mark them off from one another).

In over half of the Americas, the foreigners did not bring their wives so that the mix had to begin there and that is really the basis of all that is Latin. And the reactions were different in Mexico or Argentina. Today the mixing continues but the identification is clearer. Latino!

Pub' Side Note: Comments section are opened and sometimes closed when we get too much comment spams. Those programmers are a uncivilized lot, they just don't care. I may try to open again end of month.



Friday, August 16, 2013

From Elizabeth Pearson

Democratic Governors Association 
Stop the attacks on voting rights. Tell Rick Scott: Don't purge voters. Add your name now. Joseph,
Florida’s voter purge is just plain wrong.

Over the last few months, Republican governors across the country have been targeting elderly and minority voters with new restrictions on voting. But Florida is one of the worst offenders. There, radical Governor Rick Scott set up a special task force to remove registered voters from the voting rolls--a move that is likely to disproportionately affect minority voters and bring back memories of the 2000 election and scores of disenfranchised voters.

We have to ratchet up the public pressure on Governor Scott to stop his voter purge, before he can do even more damage. Let’s show him that we’re not going to stand for this attack on our fundamental rights. Call on Governor Scott to stop his so-called ‘purge’ of eligible voters. Radical, vote-suppressing Republicans like Governor Scott can only get away with their dangerous agendas if we let them act in secret.

That’s why I’m speaking out on this one. Will you? Add your name to stand against the Florida voter purge. One by one, we can defeat these radical Republicans and protect the right to vote. With your help, we can win this fight.
Elisabeth Pearson
Democratic Governors Association

Friday, August 9, 2013


Probability has much longer history than statistics. Probability is derived from the verb to probe meaning to"find out" what is not too easily accessible or understandable. The word"proof" has the same origin that provides necessary details to understand what is claimed to be true.

"Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.
A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing." ~William James

Probability originated from the study of games of chance and gambling during the 16th century. Actuaries in modern day business mathematically evaluate the likelihood of events and quantify the contingent outcomes in order to minimize losses, both emotional and financial, associated with uncertain undesirable events. They were never regarded by the auto or the banking business with importance. Their troubles were obvious in the Stats.

Since many events, such as death, cannot be avoided, it is helpful to take measures to minimize their financial impact when they occur. I must provide for the eventual take over of these blogs. These risks can affect a lot of extraneous factors. But I will take whoever wishes to share.

"Rag Mop" by the Ames Brothers

New and ever growing diverse fields of human activities are using statistics; however, it seems that the field itself remains obscure to the public. During the 20th Century statistical thinking and methodology have become the scientific framework for literally dozens of fields, and with increasing influence recently on the hard sciences such as astronomy, geology, and physics. In other words, "Stats" have grown from a small obscure field into a big obscure field.

"How Will I Know?" by Whitney Houston

Now with Google Analytics or Blogger allowing the hits from Scamming or Spamming factors, the importance of statistics in our blogs is becoming irrelevant. They may fix it yet. Our top blogs, I am convinced remain at the top. The rest of the blogs are mostly irrelevant at the moment. But the only way to break through that wall is to get the blogs into "social media." I will be actively seeking to get information from more diverse sources. Of course the "prime" photos will be icing on the cake.

Pub's Side Note: Requires Deep Thinking: where does the light go when it goes out?



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good People News

From Arthur Murray Dance Center:

"Salsa Night at Vice Nightclub"
Thursday, August 8th, 2013
Come join us for a "Night out on the Town"
at Vice Nightclub's "Salsamor"( 21+) at 9pm-11pm.
Bring your dancing shoes and show off your inner Latin side!
Admission:  $10 + 1 free drink ticket
Location: 1200 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
* 2nd floor next to Ryan's Bar and Grill
Parking: Free Parking in the Parking structure of Ward Centers/ Valet Parking
Please call us at 808-944-0606 with any questions

"This is a fast age. The impossibility of yesterday has become the luxury of today
and the necessity of tomorrow."

Nice comment from Robert Kiyosaki. in the blog of June 9th, (The Whole Enchilada) Robert you are welcome to post an opinion in any of our blogs, and you do not have to agree with any of us. And You can pick a favorite, get a couple of good group pictures to post, a small paragraph to introduce and small paragraph after the fotos. It would make a nice blog, for the participants, the writer and of course the most important, the reader/dancers. Join in with us.
"The Way We Were" By Barbra Streisand

"You probably all know the group on this island that thinks that their
interpretation of dance is the real thing. All others are fakes."

At any rate I am firmly convinced that my opinion is not the only one worth listening to. I meet them everyday and many dancers out there have some very good ideas. They just turn them over to the cliques which is not always too bad either.

Talk about dance? Dance is not something to talk about. Dance is to dance.
~ Peter Saint James

This Mini - Blog still struggling to get off the ground.

What ever happened to the topless singing trio from Las Vegas. They were all set to star in Waikiki and were billed as "The Swinging Six."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Israel "Cachao" Lopez

Israel "Cachao" Lopez was born in 1918 in the same house where the father of Cuban independence, Jose Marti, had lived. Eventually the Cuban government made the house a historic monument. Cachao passed in 2008 at almost 90 years old.

"Al Compas Del Mambo" by Perez Prado.

At the age of 12, Cachao had made his debut with the Havana Philharmonic, standing on a wooden box playing the contrabass alongside his brother Orestes, a founding member of the orchestra.

By the age of 19, he had joined Arcano y Sus Maravillas, one of the most popular danzon orchestras in Cuba. Little did Cachao and his brother know that they would change Latin music and with a rhythm called mambo.

Many do not know that the rumba was originally much faster and it slowed down when it merged with the Spanish bolero nearing the end of the nineteenth century. The new dance was the Son and that is what was exported as the rumba. With the same basic (rock step and a slow step) that the Beguine, the Calypso, and many others in the Caribbean had. The old fast rumba was then relegated back to the sticks.
"Moliendo Café" by Azucar Moreno

ARCANO was a danzon group (danzon is a Latin minuet style of music, very classical). Cachao and his brother, experimenting with this type of music, added parts of the rhythm to the old music from out in the sticks and called the result "mambo." This happened in the late 1930s, and it revolutionized Latin music. And of course others were playing it too.

There are those who like to credit Perez Prado for inventing the mambo, but he did not. There were several others along with Cachao that were using it in the forties. But Prado did popularize it because he was at the right place at the right time - in Mexico in 1948.

At that time, a musicians strike in the U.S. prevented recordings there. Prado, who was under contract to RCA Records, which at the time was one of the biggest record labels in the world, recorded a tune titled "Que Rico El Mambo." In the US it swept the country and the mambo craze had begun.

"Mambo No. 5" by Perez Prado

In CUBA, the mambo became even more popular specially by people out in the sticks, it had always been theirs. By the 1950s, Cachao had formed his own group and continued playing with other bands in Cuba, lending his composing skills to other orchestras.

In 1957, Cachao again blew every body's mind by creating the descargas, or jam sessions, that had the top musicians in Cuba performing together. These recordings were so popular that in the 1960s, Al Santiago created the Alegre All-Stars, and in the 1970s the Fania All Stars were born.

After CASTRO took over CUBA, Cachao left the country for good. When he came to New York, he started playing with such artists as Charlie Palmieri, Tito Rodriguez and the Alegre All-Stars with Tito Puente. Throughout the late 1960s and '70s, he was all over New York City. In the late 1970s, Cachao moved to Miami, where he virtually went into obscurity, regulated to playing small clubs and weddings.

But he will always be remembered as being there at the beginnings of Mambo.

"Siboney" by Rene Touzet
And it is still being taught on Oahu. Goody, goody gumdrops. Frank and Lani Sierra just had classes at IBDI followed up by HBDA this quarter. And Frank has blogged some good information on Cha Cha Cha which should prove interesting to the dance aficionado.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dictatorship to Oligarchy

I have been trying to phase our blogs from a dictatorship of one (C'est Moi) into an oligarchy of many, the Guest Authors and the Information Contributors. A benevolent oligarchy but nevertheless an oligarchy. We shall take no more surveys at large of many dancers for whatevah.

“Through these blogs read the most informed dancers in the Pacific.”

Democracy will not be attempted again for awhile if ever. We tried, few were for it, they are accustomed to working in clique oligarchies and it just didn’t work. I am gradually building up a good team of about 20 good friends, and I shall continue to ask them.

Apparently at this time, our blog oligarchies will consist of two administrators one for backup, and several Guest Authors. A solid blogger, from our present experience should get about 30 average hits per day, and with two it should go over 60 because of the synergism created with two.

"Sentimental Journey" by Les Brown & the Ames Brothers

The oligarchies will probably make every effort to please the reader/dancers in our blogosphere. That is providing current photos of our dancing world and current items of interest to most of the reader/dancers. There will be times of controversy and we must accept the difference of opinions among all of us. Let us just keep flaming to a minimum.

We are very certain that these blogs are not for everyone. We think that it has value for some of the dancers. But there are some that think the value is very low and they certainly are entitled to their opinions. The difference in opinions is exactly what we are after. Fortunately the hits are going up on all blogs and that can mean only one thing.

"South Of The Border" by Frank Sinatra

Coming up very strongly and looking good.

If we prefer some of these people and organizations, then we also have the right to our opinions. We try to include all but if they do not wish to be included we must respect their preferences. And there are so many that we can help. Let us not waste any time unnecessarily.

"When we try to pick anything by itself, we find it is hitched
to everything else in the universe."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Stats (the statistics)

The Birth of Statistics
The original idea of "statistics" was the collection of information about and for the "state". The word statistics derives directly, not from any classical Greek or Latin roots, but from the Italian word for state.

"For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe."

The birth of statistics occurred in mid-17th century. In England, Bills of Mortality also listed the causes of death. Graunt who was a shopkeeper organized this data in the form we call descriptive statistics, which was published. Thus, statistics had to borrow some concepts from sociology, such as the concept of Population. It has been argued that since statistics usually involves the study of human behavior, it cannot claim the precision of the physical sciences. I believe this is true, you can see it in the results of the stats in our blogs.

"Here I Go Again" By Whitesnake

In our "State" I had included all of what I consider our dance blogosphere and anything in links that had a counter. Some became irrelevant and I dropped them. However I do know that with more clubs the better the results will be. Our blogs have taken a dive in hits when Google Analytics changed their algorithms, which I find fully acceptable except that they did not notify anyone. There was much spam hacking from outside sources and I used to complain regularly. They cut much of it out and with it the hits.

Then they found ways of eliminating "bounce." A person that got on by mistake was a bounce and a hit and they learn to not count it if less than ten seconds or something like that. I thought that was fair but it cut down on our hits. Fine we just have to deal with it.

The whole enchilada of my Stats is a puzzle created for my own personal pleasure but I am willing to share the results with the reader/dancers. We may have a couple blog sites and several websites on all the Islands. Put a counter on it and I will include it in the Stats on our blogosphere. We will all learn something.

Low blog on the hit totem pole. Not yet in the search engines.

And the primary thing this blog needs is news about dancing. At the studios, dance clubs and even in night clubs and photos are icing on the cake. That is what gets readers and of course, the hits. We have too many blogs now, one of them will be due to be deleted soon. The reader/dancers will decide it, naturally, We will announce it with plenty of time and if anyone wants it, they can have it.