Wednesday, January 30, 2019

DAL Midweek, January 30th.

"When it first began, a blog was a simple online diary, where the blogger would
pen down his or her thoughts. This definition has evolved and we will
continue to redefine it for us, the social dancers of Hawaii."

We have this nice blog as a directory of what the week has to offer for us, the social dancers, covering the calendar week from Sunday to Saturday and I publish on every Saturday. Of course, we welcome anyone and any one can attend,  I personally cannot get around much anymore but I can blog'em. So all I need is for someone to communicate the information to me by email and I will post to the appropriate blog. The average hits per day and all the blogs are going up slowly but surely. Whenever we get outside feedback the hits go through the roof.

“Social dancers know that sometimes they focus on the lyrics too much
and forget to dance to the music.” 

Town is pretty well covered and if they do not want to say anything, I believe they should do as they please, no hu hu. We are very much interested in dancing in Makaha, Kapolei, Makapuu Point and Turtle Bay. The four corners of the earth for us on the island of Oahu.  Because I now live in Mililani, there is going to be more action on the North Shore and the Waianae Coast. Not to mention the Central Valley, Wow. We must be patient. Let me know and I will find a way to be there and blog'em.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

I continue to help wherever I can and I do have choices. I have some that are easy to help and some that are difficult. Which do I help the most? Guess. The Social Dancer is coalescing very nicely on this Island. If we include all the peripherals, we are perhaps 80 - 90 percent of the entire dance scene on Oahu. We are the "to have fun" group. That is our primary purpose. If we leave out the young and their fan dances, we mean no offense, we merely respect their kuleana,

 "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. live this day as if it were your last.
the past is over and gone. the future is not guaranteed."

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