Sunday, December 23, 2018

Week Ending Saturday, December 29th.

We’re working to provide you with a list of venues, events and times for your happy feet. Browse this blog, and let us know all that we’ve missed. We’ll add it for you. For this week we will eliminate the dance schedule. Most readers already have several functions to attend this Christmas week and there are plenty. However this a nice place to introduce the Blogger platform that is easy to set up and is also intuitive. Blogger is typically used for more text-heavy posts, but also does images which is all we do in our five blogs.

"Social dancers believe that you should dance while you can. Dance for the
music is catching and will not stop, the moves are easy. Dance till
the stars come down from the rafters - dance till you drop.”

I am specially eager to find dancers willing to help with the Blogging. You can start as a "Two Center" if you are just willing to email your two cents of information to share with the readers. I can coach by email. Next step is Guest Blogger whenever you think you are ready. You decide and I send your email address to Blogger. And they email you and if you accept, the password is between you and Blogger. Then you have your own blog within our blog with ready made readers.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Design is easy to set up and offers a lot of customization options, especially with colors and fonts. I can give you many graphics that you can use. I can coach you along the way. If you want to go further, there are a ton of pre-made Blogger templates available from great designers. The Blogger platform allows for more growth than other blogs. Here, you can set up multiple pages and multiple blogs that are easy to maintain. Blogger is free, and you'd only have to worry about domain registration.

"Those that never change their opinions, never correct their mistakes,
will never be the wiser on the morrow than they are today."

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