Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dance Schedules

The Best Dance Magazines from hundreds of Dance Magazines on the web, use search and social metrics. You can subscribe to these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updated schedules and high-quality information. Blog Dance Informa is the industry's online dance magazine and news service. Dance Informa is a state of the art, free, online dance magazine sent straight to dancers’ email boxes. It opens a world of opportunity to dancers by informing them of all the dance auditions, dance events, workshops and performances happening across the country and internationally.

"Social dancers believe that there are things that the heart thinks of
that only the body understands; that is why we dance.”

However this blog, Dance And Live is only a mini mini version of all this gigantic stuff around us, So, if that item of yours in our blog did not reach Afghanistan or Nigeria, we must accept it. Fortunately most of our reader /dancers do not mind. I am just fine in sharing interesting items and communicating with our fellow dancers on this Island. Perhaps a few in the neighbor islands would be nice too.

There are many akamai groups that are going to understand using this blog for it's intended purposes, for the benefit of all of us. The best and first thing connecting us with our fellow dancer are the photos. You can pick them and get a few in. Email them and I will blog'em. Of course, I will take my camera to some functions and if anyone wants to take a picture of a few of our fellow dancers, you can use it. If you have an item or interest you would like to share with the readers. Email it in.

 “Trump does not have the faintest idea, that the truth isn't always beauty,
but the hunger for it is.” 

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