Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dance Week ended June 23rd.

This blog still the lowest in hits, but it is only natural. No one is aware of the format and even I don't what I am going to do with it. Actually this has been done on the Mainland many times before only not a regular weekly blog basis as I am attempting to do now. Our readers have their favorite places and those are the ones that will go in. Just email the info and I will post it. Patience, it should take a couple more months to get rolling.

“Social dancers know that when you are on the dance floor, there is nothing
to do but enjoy the music and moving to it.”

Wots Doin'? Week Ending Saturday, June 23rd.

I was able to find Dot's In Wahiawa and something to print. but every else is moot.

Sunday June 17th.
Augie T's Father's Day
Brunch & Show

Monday June 18th, could not find
Isla Tango Milonga
(Argentine Tango)
Honolulu Club Lounge.
Hosted by George Garcia.

Monday June 18th
Monday Night Nostalgia ~
featuring the Bobby Ingano Trio

Thursday, June 21st.
Smooth Grooves ~ featuring
Arlene Iwalani & friends

Thursday June 21st. could not find
Ong King Art Center, Cover charge.
"EARLY ERA" SWING dancing,including Lindy hop, Balboa, Charleston, and Jitterbug.

Others have packed houses so no need let others know about their Shindig. I looked in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google. Lots of Web sites. Good eating, good drinking, good friends but not the information we need. Much of it is obsolete, too old. Nice dance in there with photos. June of 2016. Fine for those that are interested.

"I Love Rock 'n' Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

There are six blogs in existence at this moment and each one has a slightly different purpose. Each one has an Email address to make better contact. Anyone is welcomed in this social media on Oahu. In the comments you do not even have to ask permission, except that Anonymous or Unknown will not be accepted. You may use a pen name if you wish. We are not Twitter or Facebook and not likely to reach Nigeria. But we are beginning to communicate, over 30 thousand dancers on the Island of Oahu. Facebook gets 50 million photos daily. Somebody missed yours?

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges