Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dance Week 5/12

There is no one in the entire central Pacific that has the stats on dance organization like I do. First of course, is the fact that I have had over ten blogs active at one time. That with a few Web sites and three other blog sites with counters have given me "information." I quickly discovered that a web or blog site with single digit average per day hits is not worth it. Gradually the dance Web sites "lost" their counters. I do not know presently of any dance web site with a counter.

“Social dancers may feel that where life used to feel overcrowded, it now feels boundless as the sky. Where we used to feel shackled, we are now free to dance.” 

Wots Doin'? Week Ending Saturday, May 12th.

Monday, May 7th.
Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, Ballroom dance classes at the Wahiawa Recreation Center.
Teachers, Felipe Repollo and Carmen Mendoza

Monday, May 7th.
Dot's in Wahiawa, Monday Night Nostalgia ~ featuring The Bobby Ingano Trio

Wednesday, May 9th.
Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, Line dance
classes at the Wahiawa Recreation Center
Teacher, Carol Kohagura

Thursday, May 10th.
Dot's in Wahiawa, ~ Jeff Gerona
Fellow Musicians Helping out Friends

Thursday, May 10th.
Dot's in Wahiawa, Smooth Grooves
~ featuring the Lance Orillo Trio

Friday, May 11th.
Aiea Ballroom Dance Association.
Dance at the famous Palladium. in Town.

Friday, May 11th, Dot's in Wahiawa, Friday Night LIVE! @ the Pineapple Showroom

Others have packed houses so no need let others know about their big Shindig.

Got some good advice from Trump: "The key to success is sincerity;
once you learn to fake that, the rest is easy."