Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Back On Track

All my blogs came under attack from the European Union about something. I do not have anything to do with Europe. However, I am very much interested in supporting the social dance scene on Oahu. Finally got this cleared away on Tuesday. This blog still in third place but it should be closer to the bottom blogs.  Now we just need feedback from our fellow dancers to make this the best blog in the Pacific. Not possible?

“Music does not need the language of words for it has movements
of dance to do its translation.”

As a weekly blog, it should have some fairly pertinent and timely information. I expect to publish every Saturday for the Calendar Week starting on Sunday. If you have anything going, email it in and I will post it. We could develop quite a nice party week and starting with anything on Oahu. The North Shore, the Waianae Coast, Honolulu and the rest of the outskirts.

“Social dancers believe that the truth is not for all dancers
but only for those who seek it.”