Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The New Midweekly

This is the first mid weekly with a new format which will change according to the readers. So what's doing this weekend? I still have made little contact. I don't know much but the biggest and the best is the Anniversary dance Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club at the Halemano Camp 808.

“Social dancers know that life is too short to waste any amount of time
on wondering what other people think about them."

I need more information of any scheduling the Week, Sunday through Saturday. And we all know that on the week ends everybody making so much money, no need to inform the dancers. For sure no one has ever done this before and some have told me that it will never work. So what do I know? But I am going to find out soon. Meanwhile if you got something you want in, just email it in. I will put in whatever.

"What a wonderful world" by Bruddah Iz

Da Weekend: Nothing much for now.

Friday, April 20th.
At the Plantartion Tavern. Live 4 peice Band, Kevin Okimoto.

Friday, April 20th.
The Pineapple Showroom, Live at Dot's in Wahaiwa

Saturday. April 21st. Live Music at The Shack, Mililani

Saturday, April 21st, Da Big one at Helemano Plantation Camp 808.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

If the week is about buckling down and earning enough money to buy a pair of jeans and wraps that contain avocado, the weekend is about trying hard to actually live. This is the type of energy that infiltrates every Friday; an energy that can power even the most bah of humbugs to an unexpectedly memorable evening. Friday night is the night when people are out to prove themselves. Let's dance, clear eyes, full hearts and let’s booze. And then there is Saturday, an old standby that never fails.

"How do you make a tissue dance? Just put a little boogie on it."