Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Real Four

With an average hits per day going lower, this weekly blog is not doing so good. But a weekly blog is new and not may not be back in the search engines yet. But I have had a suggestion to add another blog to the Sunday weekly on Thursday specializing on the Week End attractions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sounds good enough to try. So what do I know. The readers are pretty well informed with the other dance blogs.

“Social dancers know that music is what moves the body,
soul and spirit into a dance.”

Wots Doin'? Week Ending Sunday, April 1st

Monday, March 26
Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, Ballroom dance classes at the Wahiawa Recreation Center.
Teachers, Felipe Repollo and Carmen Mendoza

Monday, March 26
Cholo's Homestyle Mexican in Haleiwa,
featuring Eddie Ortiz and the Son Caribe band.

Monday, March 26
Dot's in Wahiawa, Night Nostalgia ~ featuring The Bobby Ingano Trio

Wednesday, March 28
Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, Line dance classes at the Wahiawa Recreation Center
Teacher, Carol Kohagura

Thursday, March 29
Just Tacos, Salsa Night in Mililani, the place will be jumping.

Sunday, April lst
Easter, everybody go to church.

 "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake  1982

There may be a few Webmasters out there that are aware of this but they have a world of their own and we must respect it. Meanwhile we have our work cut out for us. I must rustle the bushes for Information Contributors, Photo Contributors and a few Guest Authors. According to my stats we are at the point of diminishing returns with mostly SOS, (Same Old Shit.) So come one, come all, the readers need your information.

"Social Dance will never be endangered - dancers
will always find a way to express it."