Thursday, March 29, 2018

Real Four B

Introducing the new weekend blog. So what's doing this weekend? No one will tell us. maybe next week. For sure no one has ever done this before and some have told us that it will never work. So what do I know? But I am going to find out soon. Meanwhile I will put in whatever.

Meanwhile there are many dancers, teachers, and clubs that I will end up helping and of course I may ignore others. Fortunately those that ignore me, will probably appreciate it if I ignore them. Easy to understand? No hu hu

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Wots Doin'? The Week End

Friday, March 30th
Honolulu Club, Latin Dance Party
at Mambo Friday

Friday, March 30th
Surfer Bar - Son Caribe
Salsa Night at Turtle Bay

Saturday, March 31st.
Just Tacos, Salsa Night, maybe

Sunday, April lst
Easter, everybody go to church.

"Dancing in the Dark" by E Street Band  1984

Our entire enchilada of blogs show signs of improving even with the dilution of the readers available for the six blogs. The different blogs do provide a kind of synergism in attracting more readers so that the total hits keep going up. The secret is to find the Information and Photo Contributors willing to share their pearls of information with their fellow dancers. They are crucial and may eventually be the Guest Bloggers that will take over when the time comes.

 “Social dancers feel that when they dance, they can forget all the bad things
and only remember the good things."