Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Disc Jockey

There have been many around this island bent on entertaining the guests. They have good intentions, they are good people and they intend to do good not bad for the dancers. But of course, too much entertainment in a dance program can be bad. And many dance venues (such as the famous Palladium in New York city) became aware only after it was too late. Why? Because social dancers don't come to see the show, they come to dance! We could all agree that we are a simple folk!

“Social dancers, dance with hopes and sing along with all the possibilities.”

DJ? One of the most important elements in our dance scene. "WOW that was the most fun I've had all week." If that's what you want to hear, then finding and keeping the best DJ is the most important job in any dance group. This is because the DJ has one of the biggest roles in creating the social dancer's perfect evening. You need to place a lot of trust and confidence in this person. The social dancers want to take over the dance floor and dance the night away. They want to lose themselves in music and feel like they are on top of the world because this is their night.

"Some Enchanted Evening" by Perry Como

Our dancers want to take this time to feel every beat, dance to every song, smile with everyone, and have somebody there to play the music that we love. Someone who can read us and the crowd and make us jump, shout, slow down, come closer, and show off. We want somebody who wants to make our night awesome and is willing to stay until the party is over, not end the party themselves. We are so fortunate that we have some of the very best on Oahu.

 "New Year's Day now is the accepted time to make our regular annual good year
resolutions. This month we can begin paving hell with them as usual."