Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Designing Our Blogs

By Tim Brown, Kahalui, Maui

Great designers don’t just do design, they live design. Like them, some of us can learn how to practice design thinking principles both at work and at home and blogging. As you start designing your life in 2018, there are a few ways to begin:

1. Be optimistic, collaborative, and generative. There’s something wonderfully gratifying about creating something new, whether it’s an award-winning design or a home-cooked meal. Don't hurry, enjoy the process.

“Social dancers live their truth - express their love - share their enthusiasm.
They take action towards their dreams - walk their talk -
and dance and sing to their music."

2. Think of life as a prototype. Conduct experiments, make discoveries, change as needed. Any process can be re-examined and tweaked. Look for opportunities to turn a process into a project with a tangible outcome.

3. Don't ask "what?" ask "why?" Instead of accepting a given constraint, ask whether this is the right problem to be solving. There are an awful lot of dancers with different opinions. It may be a good thing if you agree with many.

4. Demand divergent options. Don’t settle for the first good idea that comes to mind or seize on the first promising solution presented to you. Explore divergent options—and then set a deadline so you know when to move on. Just one of those ideas may hit your jackpot and "Voila!"

5. Once a day, deeply observe the ordinary. Make it a rule that at least once a day you will stop and take a second look at some ordinary situation that you would normally look at only once (or not at all). Get out in the world and be inspired by people.

Happy designing! *

"Social dancers believe that the truth is gonna set you free.
But first it is goin' to piss you off."