Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Neighbor Islands

We are still having difficulty getting some good dance information from the neighbor island dancers that is available to all of them. We get a lot of advertising but we must be careful with copyrights. They also have hidden in there some valuable information that we could share with our readers. We provide the platform, all they have to do is send the information that they are willing to share with all of Hawaii. Many are too busy and we must understand that but hopefully they could understand that we cannot do everything, this is a blog.

"It is not death people should fear, but they should fear never beginning to live."

We are also interested if everyone knows on the neighbor islands that they will have to help pay for the Honolulu Rail Disaster. Perhaps the prices are going up there too. And it will be on their property tax bills. Honolulu cannot foot the bill which keeps going higher everyday. From 5 billion dollars, and the latest estimate is 15 billion dollars. Many are already aware, and there is no rail planned for the neighbor islands, the big bucks for the few, like in Honolulu, is not what they are about. And they know about the new type buses that are being tested throughout the world.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

We know there is recreational dancing in the neighbor islands but we get little information from them. Same thing with Line dancing and we consider that line dancing a good entrance to all of our kinds of dancing. They seem to get plenty of swing and a little salsa too. There are whispers of different kinds of Tango and we are certainly interested in that. We are going for the whole enchilada of dancing on the islands. We just have to communicate to the right people and it would be nice if they could communicate with us. = FeedBack.

"Social dancers believe that the movement to suave music is the best
freedom of the body and stillness of the mind.”