Sunday, January 21, 2018

Back Up On The Road

What a beginning. Our dancing information has evolved to just about any form that is "interesting" to the reader/dancers of these blogs. The one time writers, write about some interest to the readers. And each one does it in their own way. Opinions are like noses, everyone's got one, they are all different and this is the place for them.The results? The hits go up through the ceiling. That is why we need more Information and photo contributors. Hard to get, everyone thinks in terms of "commitment." Ha! Ain't none, you do it only when you damn well please.

"Never sacrifice what you are just because someone has a problem with it."

Of course, with time, some will phase over into being Guest Authors and each will develop their own style there too. Advertising comes almost hand in hand when we deliver dancing information but it is quietly in the background. We must communicate to our readers, Wots Doin'? We shall have a lot of fun at the dance parties etc etc and more blah, blah and interesting blah and incidentally it may be on our usual dancing grounds on Saturday with our favorite dance club.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

This is something that will happen in the future and we get most of our information in the routine email flyers. However, the real meat and potatoes of the entire enchilada is what happened during the festivities, photos and descriptions. And the view from one corner of the dance floor is different than from the opposite side of the dance floor. That is blogging!

"Maui Waltz"
by Loyal Garner

Advertising is quite well known, and we get a "lot" of advertising that people want to get in free of charge. But we figure it as communication to our readers. So we must accept as much as we can share with our fellow dancers. Schedules of days and weeks are awful. If the clubs that have schedules in their Web sites would install counters they would be able to see how many people are interested in their pearls of wisdom. Of course most do not dare to face the truth.

"Dogs not good dancers? Yes we know, they got two left feet."

The beautiful poster included in this blog, we got on the 19th. Surely you people can give us and the reader/dancers a little more time. Blogging is a little different and perhaps many of us will make the adjustment and get good results. Also this "mark your calendars for next year's function."  Not for our blogs, we just want to make it for next week. Mahalo.

I am on a walker now and I cannot get around much anymore. I need help with these blogs, otherwise I can take it. I like to walk - it is a great way to meet people - it is also a way to escape people - there are no traffic jams, parking meters or speed limits - I am on my own all-terrain vehicle.