Saturday, November 4, 2017

Looking Around

All quiet on the Western Front. Met a guy who enlightened me on the Salsa scene in West Oahu. Apparently they found it in Mililani and found it wanting. Of course Just Tacos has several branches all over the Island and naturally they have a Web Site. That should be all they need. But that is not way the mop plops. First we need to contact dancers not diners. Then we have to try to contact Latin dancers. And it may be done somewhere in the West by somebody else.

"Social dancers know that the music and dance doesn't stop us from dying.
It just stops the fear of death swallowing us up while we were still alive."

Meanwhile we know every group is getting better prepared for the holiday season. Halloween was pretty good, but we have not been told anything yet about Thanksgiving so we don't know. Always falls on a Thursday but we have the weekend before and the weekend after. We can give additional thanks. How about Salsa in Waianae? Then we have a poster from Wahiawa Dance Club for the Christmas Social.

I don't know much about Blogging but neither does anyone else. I had at one time eleven blogs and each one with its own niche. Single digit average hits per day is much like a dance Web site. Not good enough for me and most Web sites do not have counters anymore. We cannot blame them. I gradually brought my blogosphere down to the Fabulous Five. And like I have said, I don't know but I am learning and I will. I have undeleted Ritmo Mestizo as a decoy to test the others.

“Social dancers find that they have drunk the night and swallowed the stars.
They have danced with rapture and abandon to their own music."