Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hey, Hey, Hey

We are still moving slowly, simply because I cannot get around much anymore because of my physical disabilities. I am making some contacts with Windward Oahu but most people go to Honolulu to have fun. The North Shore seems to be waking up and it is about time. It will develop more in entertainment. Several good possible places and plenty good people. And we have heard of some dancing at Turtle Bay.

“Social dancers, believe that life may be music to which
they choreograph their own dance.”

Our best bet at this time is Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club  and they are going to have a terrific blowout, - a Christmas Dance at the Halemano Plantation on December 9th.  Made contact with Dot's In Wahiawa, but they seem to be wary of this blog. Money? But we look forward to the fact that someone is going to see the possibilities of this blog and some dance functions in the Central Valley. Salsa at Just Tacos is almost sure to follow but Just Tacos has a Web site. And again, they are very quiet, perhaps they wish it to be private club. No hu hu.

"Green Eyes" Jimmy Dorsey Band,
Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell on the vocals.

The Line dancers in Mililani or Waipio do not say anything either. I have not found anything anywhere. I have been told Whitmore Village is a private club. So all we can do is respect and find the dancers elsewhere. I just cannot do it all by myself. We must be patient and the total hits on all the blogs is still going up, so the reader/dancers are increasing daily, slowly but surely. I had diluted the available readership with too many blogs but many of the blogs have been deleted.

"From my reading, there are Four hard and fast rules in blogging.
unfortunately no one here knows what they are."