Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The West Looks Interesting

We have uncovered another quiet faction in our social dance circles, mainly in town. And there seems to be quite a few, that find themselves in a subgroup of Cultural dancers, which usually refer to themselves as "Dine and Dancers." Something new to me. They say, that about the only thing more fun than dancing is "dancing and eating." How about that? In Honolulu, we have too few places that offer "Dinner-Dancing," featuring live or recorded music plus the dinner service. Unfortunately, many dance night clubs are still in the last century trying to make it on the bar tab.

“Social Dancers believe that dance is a game of emotions and
freedom of the soul, where nothing is ever the same.”  

In most of our social dance clubs, they have an occasional "social dance" which involves a potluck and eating at the break in the dance at some time about 8 PM. This leads to socializing on a more personal basis and can make the evening more joyful. This has been done for years but has never been played up as a important part of the occasion. It could evolve into a nicer party with time and recognition and of course they might have a few more people. Social dancers have acquired the reputation of being light drinkers.

"Los Hawaiianos" por Willie K

Of course there are some clubs that are beginning to recognize that eating is very social part of dancing. Since dancers do not have a reputation for being drunks, they may try to sell juices and finger food, more sanitary with chopsticks of course. Look around you and you can see the evolving nature of our cultural dance scene and we are going to have ourselves a ball. Everybody has a viewpoint. I heard most recently from a very good club dancer. "But these people are real dancers, none of that Mickey Mouse showboat stuff."

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

West Oahu seems to be unanimously selected to lead the way. Look at the set up of Dance Appeal Studio. Chairs to sit on and tables for your drinks. Talk story with your table companions or those passing by. At Kau Kau time, you got some ono grinds and a comfortable place to eat. You want to dance, there is ongoing beautiful music and the terrific dance floor just waiting for you. In town they tend to be clones only they intend to be better. And many are very good  for a while but then something happens. What? I don't know.

"If you cannot think of a good reason to dance, just dance and you will think of one."