Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Line Dancing

Nothing about line dancing in Central Valley for ten years now. ha! Well, a long time anyway. I have heard of a few in Waipio and Waikele but nothing "concrete." It remains one of the most useful of the dance arts on this Island. Especially useful for any person that thinks they are beginners in dance.

"Don’t let the fear of striking out prevent you from playing the game"

Free Orkut and My Space dance Graphics Glitters
The first reason and the most important is that it can be fun. And more men are discovering the fun of line dancing. You don't have to be Spiderman. The rest of the reasons are icing on the cake. You learn basic movements and they are done over and over again in sheer joy. You become accustomed to the dance music that will be used in ordinary cultural dancing. You learn the timing of each one of the dances.

"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye

These are all basics taught by the Professionals in a very effective manner. And since you are not tied to a partner you develop your own style to your favorite music. What is styling? It is nothing more that "accentuate the positive." You just give whatever beat you like, that extra push of the foot, bend in the knee, wiggle of hips, move the head or arm. You will pick up and no one in cultural dancing is a clone of another, as much as you try to be.

Line Dancers seem to be an independent group which is nice. And we are looking for a line dance groups that can be sociable and join the world of dance on this Island. Now exhibition Line Dancing is something else.

"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

Myth and Fact :

Myth - Line Dance is danced to country music only.
Fact - Line Dance is danced to all sorts of music, such as Latin, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, etc.

Myth - Line Dance is a pedestrian activity, only for senior citizens.
Fact - Line Dance is danced by people of all ages. The choice of dance is extremely varied, ranging from the simple to the more advanced; the gentler rhythms to the more energetic.

Myth - "Yeehaa" is what you shout out when you Line Dance.
Fact - This was created by the media and seems to have stuck.

Myth - You have to wear cowboy outfits.
Fact - Anything goes, as long as you wear comfortable supportive footwear.

Myth - Line Dance only consists of very basic steps such as walk walk stomp stomp.
Fact - Line Dance encompasses many dance styles, drawing from a variety of influences such as Latin, Ballroom, Jive, Irish, Funk, Salsa, etc. making it the most diverse dance form in the world. In fact, advance line dancing can be very complicated. If you just want to have fun, keep away from it.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


With the new algorithms by Google Analytics, all our hits went down. And we cannot blame Google. I complained along with many others of the hits that were not doing us any good. The action was made to use our blog for other uses. They cut that down considerably and of course our hits too. Then they cut down on "bounce" which was also good for all.

"It is strange -- but true; for truth is always strange;
stranger than fiction."

People can read here.
Now most of our blogs are recovering slowly but surely, except Central Valley. Our reader/dancers are interested in reading about dancing and seeing photos of their friends. And if they are not there, we should all understand.

We had Just Tacos one time and that was very nicely received. We had some news from Dot's in Wahiawa via Richie Fun and that was interesting to our reader/dancers. WBDC has always been there with their announcements but not much else.

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

At one time it was Central Valley, Ewa Bus Stop and Oahu West blogs running neck and neck. Now Ewa Bust Stop has move ahead, Oahu West is five points back and Central Valley trails Oahu West by five points. We may have to face it, sooner or later. Central Valley may be one of the blogs that will go. The counters will make my decision. That was my original intent of over diluting the readership. Already I have deleted two blogs. Both were from the East side of the island. If they can't cut it, "bye baby."

New Dance Studio, and Weekend Night Club in Waipio Industrial Park

Town Dancer remains in front and the only other in striking distance is Blogging Hawaii and I am working on that one. One guest author will do it. If it doesn't move then it will be between Blogging Hawaii, Ewa Bus Stop and Oahu West. Pretty isn't it? And all based on the Google Analyitics hits.


I am certain now that any blog that gets less than ten daily hits is a loser. And when I first started out and put a counter on mine I was elated to average ten hits per day. That was 300 hits per month. The three outside blogs and web sites that I carry in my personal stats, all get less than 20 average hits per day. Central Valley is now down to 25. Doesn't look good but Oahu West will take over and perhaps make a big difference in hits for them.. One good Guest Author from HBDA and one from Dance Hawaii and the hits would go through the roof.

Dream To Dance Studio

I prepared for my trip to downtown Honolulu and it is becoming less often because of the horrible bus situation that the Rail Party has installed. Planned on leavmg late because I wanted to stay a little later, reconciled with the fact that coming back, I would have to take the "slow boat to China" the #40 bus also known as the "Cattle Car."

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."

I was able to get most things at home done and line up what I needed for the trip. Found my gadget to get the internet on my laptop. Charged up the laptop. Got the Advertising that I leave in the buses and in downtown Honolulu. The music CDs that I give away. Then the whole thing came to a screeching halt.
"Helter Skelter" by the Beatles

I couldn't get my camera going. Checked the batteries and they were not that bad, but I put them in the charger. Anyway the net result is I do not know how to operate a modern day camera. So I decided to skip today and find some one who can coach me on taking pictures. If I can do a decent job we can get going again. In my visiting type blogs, the pictures are number one, the information is number two.

This blog not doing so well, but we cannot blame anyone,
for no one knows what a Mini - Blog is.

That is where the Two-Centers come in so handy. Information and Photo contributors. Needed badly, then, we could please the reader/dancers which come first. And, of course, we end up pleasing everyone only no one knows of this anywhere. And then there are those that think I am in it for the "money." Ha!

Pub's Side Note: The Rail disaster has become more of a confused confusion compounded by the dirty crooks that are already making millions. All those mainlanders know that these local yokels can be taken. Like taking candy from a baby.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The Time Has Come"

“The time has come” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things: of shoes - and ships - of sealing wax - of cabbages - and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot - and whether pigs have wings."

Anyone know where that comes from?'

Linux, much better than Apple or Microsoft. if you know your command line. However, the GUI, made a big, big difference when Windows 95 came out and the entire computer world embranced it. Both Apple and Microsoft have been solidly behind it.

Now an entire new system of touch is evolving and that will be the new method. Linux programmers are still into the command line phase and they think they are so smart because they know how to use it. There are still too few in Linux that understand the GUI for the "ordinary computer" user.

I tried to contact them and they were very Rootzi tootzi and tell you that all you have to do is "Sudo this and Sudo that." Sheesh! Beautiful Operating System but I just gave up.

Meanwhile, both Microsoft and Apple are now getting all screwed up with their deluxe programmers that to allow their advertisers plenty of leeway in, and they leave the door open for all the screwy nuts out there with virus and malware. But one of these days, Linux will wake up. Then Microsoft and Apple will have to get on their iphones and other, because their computing days will be over.

Our first Mini - Blog, check it out, you may want to get in on it. Something new.

I found You Tube and it has been the greatest invention of this century.

I got rid of all my cassettes and even the Cassette/CD player and recorder. I still have about 20 CD's and I am spreading them around to my friends in the various clubs.

Next was getting rid of my VHS tapes and my VHS recorder was fairly easy but the recorder is still here. Anyone out there want a free VHS recorder?

I am getting rid of on my DVDs too, and I only have abourt 20 left. I will get around to give to my friends. In my old age, I must get accustomed to travel light.

With You Tube I have my music and show all in one and I can pick whatever I want. After I get rid of all of this then I will order and buy only whatever I want to gift for people.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

News from WBDC

Received from Aunty Maile an invitation for all our reader/dancers,

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters.

Got this about the right time. The hits on this blog have dropped to an average of less than 25 hits per day. At one time, Central Valley, Oahu West and Ewa Bus Stop were running neck and neck. But now Oahu West and Ewa Bus Stop are slowly going up, but Central Valley has been slowly going down, now five points behind.

This is the one that may take over the entire section. Wouldn't be too bad. With a few Guest Authors I could set it up to be independent
and I could resign from it. I gotta retire.

One of these days we may get a regular Information and/or Photo Contributor and run the hits up through the ceiling. Not likely but we can hope. Not many in Blog or Web sites understand SOS. If it is only me, it is SOS. Any other person is not SOS. And I can carry a blog 25 to 30 average hits per day.

"My Way" by Frank Sinatra

Pub's Side Note: A dance blog is what all "dance websites would like to be" updated on a regular basis, containing varied points of view and that are of interest to a select or target audience, before and after the occasion. Information easy to update and change. Our reader/dancers are gradually picking up on this action.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Dancers, 20 years

By Fred Wong, Kalihi:

This last 20 years have really seen an increase in communication between the dancers in our community. And I mean all of the partner dancers out there. There has been enough information to give anyone the feeling that they are the ones that have been called upon to define dancing.

 "What ever people believe prevails over the truth." ~Sophocles, The Sons of Aleus

There have always been memos passed around during classes and we have always accepted newsletters. We were able to subscribe to a variety of mainland dance magazines too. Good solid information and all pretty much one way communication.

Then the dance Web sites made their grand entrance about 25 years ago. For a long while they controlled most of the distribution of dancing information on this island and it was considered a feather in your cap if you had one.

And Twenty Years Ago, the famous Palladium brought it all to a central point on Oahu. And we more or less know what happened after that. The dance club cliques increased in power and the emerging hit dance movies had many people wanting to be champs in a competitive dance contest. The resulting decline was hard on the ones depending on dance income.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Al Martino

Then the cell phone and the email really came into being and allowed easier communication between dancers in different parts of the island and even beyond. The cell phone for its portability and the email with its fast send and reply written conversation. Many were coming to the conclusion that they just wanted to have fun dancing. Wow!

Now comes the blog and that has been the humdinger. These blogs have evolved into miniature facebooks but not exposed to the world in the same way. And our blogs do not require any commitments from our reader/dancers. The blogs are available to the public at large but yet confined to a small circle of reader/dancers.

With the addition of the Information Contributors and the Guest Authors and the resulting independent blogs, we are sure to gain back more dancers that we lost. We can be sure of getting more open social dance clubs. And blogging will have created a culture of Truth, Inclusion and Innovation. Our dance world will never be the same again. ****

Pub's Side Note: What we need now, more than anything, is a few Information and/or Photo contributors willing to share information and/or photos of our dance environment with our fellow dancers.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

North Shore?

By Fred Kajima, Pupukea

I acknowledge that none of us can get through the day without making a lot of assumptions. In the world we live in, we just accept and go along. All of us have intellectual, ideological and moral commitments that we bring to bear upon what we think about in almost everything.

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery,
guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate.
The  world is all gates, all opportunities, keep your eyes open."

But the availability of information that we can gather has sped up the rush to judgements, a practice further accelerated by the new technologies, the computer and the cellular phone. And the private club syndrome remains in most dance clubs.

We have less patience than ever with the often painstaking task of gathering the truth. We are better informed, yet we seem more efficient than ever in manufacturing conspiracy theories. I am convinced that our dance cliques are quite different from reasoning altogether. Reasoning is an art they seem to have forgotten.

"I Can't Help Myself" by the Four Tops

Blogging seems to be the perfect answer for we must think it over carefully and own up to our opinions in a blog. Much different than the clique where no one owns up to anything and there is no responsibility for all their manufactured lies. We may be phasing into a new era for the good of all. And perhaps I will have a chance to get my two cents in again. ****

Another burning question: How to Porcupines make love?
Answer: Very Carefully.

A New Day

I seem to be waking this blog up, we need all the contacts we can get and get it rolling to the heights of Town Dancer. And that ain't gonna be easy.

Received from the Big Island.

We don't know the dates but perhaps someone over there can add a few choice words to this blog.

Then we have the famous Al Franken.

The Rail Party is the best example in Hawaii. They are now working on taking over Maui and the Big Island too and it ain't gonna be as easy as taking the local yokels on Oahu. Abercrombie doesn't dare say boo to them, for he will be dead in the votes, like what they did to Cayetano, with pure lies.

"A gossiper is a professional athlete of the tongue." Aldous Huxley

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Received in the Email flyer:

Friday July 19th
Polka Dot Party Open House
Honolulu Studio
Come join us this Friday, July 19th at 7:30pm
for our Polka All Level group class
and our awesome Polka Dot Party at 8:00pm ! 
Wear your favorite Polka Dot attire
and dance the night away with us!

Free for all, Potluck item encouraged
Arthur Murray Dance Centre Hawaii
1221 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 400
Honolulu | HI | 96814

It is slowly forming all by itself, a new dance force, for Truth, Inclusion and Innovation and made "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers." Let it roll!
It seems to be coming out that there are many night clubs in town that frown on "Ballroom" dancers. One reason of course as that our dancers are not heavy drinkers. But another is that they do not know the difference between American Style and International Style, "Ballroom" is applied to most anything they don't like.

So we must be careful and attend only those functions where we are welcomed as dancers in our own right. We do not have to dance as they do, whatever that is. If we keep our eyes open we will find the right places and these blogs will make their recommendations. Together we can get those places jumping.

"Time Has Come Today" by Chambers Brothers

Fellow ISTD, visiting at last year’s Star Ball watching a guy who thinks he is the greatest since Gene Kelly. Mary asked the visitor what he thought.

"He reminds me of Paderewski" he replied.

"But Sir, Paderewski was not a dancer."

"Quite So, Quite So" was the answer.

"Stranger in Paradise" by the Four Aces

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog Stats

For me, my little puzzle of the stats is still fascinating. Central Valley is a case in point. Goes down in average hits, slowly but DOWN. Then I get some news from WBDC and the hits go up again. Plain as day for me. There must be some other dancing groups where we could both benefit from the information and/or photos contributed.
"The ease and appeal of blogging on this island is inspiring a new group of writers and creators to share their voices with their fellow dancers."

We have had about 20 different dance groups in our blogs. Dance clubs, chapters, night clubs, other Web and Blog sites and several Two-Centers willing to get their two cents in and share with their fellow dancers. The new Jargon in Dancing in the Dark blog will open the doors for many that wish to find a subject of interest for the reader/dancers. Next year there will be 30 groups. (Yes, this is a WAG)*

And amazing that many of the small clubs are discovering the secret of combining in their use of the entire Palladium. Cooperation is much better than Competition, hooray.

We thank you all for overlooking our typos. And we certainly can understand that those of you who are perfect cannot stand those that are not. Typos can occur anywhere. Here is an example from a newspaper with the best spell checker in the business.

"Gordie Jefferson celebrated his birthday last week
with a party of eight little fiends."
"When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole; that is why I dance."
~ Hans Bos

* WAG: Wild Ass Guess

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jargon for our Dancing

We are beginning the process of redesigning this Jargon more suited to our group of dancers, now that the Internationals and the Night Club dancers have bowed out. But everyone should do as they wish, no hu hu.

This was written in 1997, just when Ballroom Dancing was beginning to fall apart. They had been a pretty solid group, now the divisions were becoming apparent, the term "junk dancer" evolved and the entire membership was decreasing. This booklet was the first attempt to hold all the factions together but it was not very successful.

Still the numbah one blog. Now if they just had another Guest Author, wow!

From the first two paragraphs of the booklet
What is Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing began as partner dancing, where the man led and the woman followed. This had evolved into many different types of dances, Waltz, Rumba etc. Each one had progressed to be danced in a traditional manner and each dance had its own particular and distinctly designated style. There is also a particular and distinctly appropriate music for each style.

They have been further divided into two groups. Those that are considered from the European and those that were considered derived from the Indian or Latin America. This was most noticeable in the Competition dances where there is quite an interval between the two groups' competitions and there are big costume changes.

Every Sunday, in the Dancing in the Dark blog, the suggested Jargon will appear that applies strictly to our type of dancing. In about three months we will have arrived at a good terminology of our dance. It cannot be ballroom and it cannot be social. The others have already assume the terminology. We have Popular, Recreational, Cultural and perhaps a different one will evolve. Our dancers will do it. No one else should.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aunty Maile Strikes Again


Just thought I would share with you a couple of awesome pictures that Renee Caldwell took last Friday at the WBDC Stars and Stripes Dance!  Here you see a combination of sister clubs, the Aiea Ballroom Dance Club and the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club members.  We enjoyed each others company, lots of food, and had a GRAND TIME, WITH SO MUCH FUN!!!

Thanks to Renee and David Caldwell who also looks after WBDC in helping us to capture those precious moments and wonderful memories!

Maile Yagi

Pub's Side Note:
The dancers are beginning to suspect, everyone wins in a situation like this.
"Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers"
All the dancers? Of course not, they do not all want to be involved
and we must respect.

Paul Billington Strikes

This calls for a Rum and Coke and all the reader/dancers will be happier. This is a good beginning.

Aloha Pepe,
I have never blogged before and am unsure where a good entry-point would be.  Additionally, I do not have a Google account. I wanted to post the following.  Can you post it on my behalf and then I can look to see where you put it at?

“Aloha, for those of you  that have experienced in the past, and now miss,  the warm Ohana feeling  of HBDA;  we would love for you to come home.  We miss you too!  Of course, newcomers are certainly welcome to come and embrace the spirit and camaraderie  of the people of our neighborhood chapters!  Please see the HBDA (Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association)  website for contact information.”


"Only The Lonely" by Roy Orbison
It is looking  good just with what we little we got. I am sure you do not need a google account to just be a Guest Author. So when you are ready, I will notify Blogger to send you the invitation and if you accept, you're in. You will be happy. I will be happy and so will HBDA, and the members of HBDA and the rest of our reader/dancers and the hits will go through the ceiling. A win-win situation for all.

Of course, I have very strict rules. No registration or registration fees. No annual or monthly meetings nor annual/monthly fees or dues. And you can blog just about whenever you damn well please and whatever you damn well please. I run a tight ship here.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Competition Dancing

By John Bagatan, Waipio

Now that we are developing such good dancers in the West Oahu, it is only proper that some are thinking of getting into competition dancing, just for the sport. Competitive dance is a popular, widespread activity in which competitors perform dances in any of several permitted dance styles before a common group of judges. And we had much of it at one time and then it began to fizzle out when they got a little too "deluxe."
"The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what
you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful."

At one time, (before the Rail Disaster) there was a Dance Pavilion in the plans at the Patsy Mink Recreation Center. That would have been the perfect place. Not only for competition but for dancers of all kinds in the West. But unfortunately the Big Bucks in profits from the Rail come first. The cancellation news is in process.

The competitive dance industry largely consists of competition production companies—also sometimes called dance competition companies—that conduct regional competitions at stops along their annual, nationwide tours. They are strictly a money making industry. But we certainly can build our own keeping the cost down without allowing outsiders the control.
Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~Martha Graham

Dancers who compete at these regional competitions are usually young dance students ranging in age from about six to eighteen years old. Whereas our competition dancers are over 40 with many over 50. But you and I are still talking "good" dancers. Dance schools typically arrange for their classes to compete as groups. Advanced dance students often compete solo or in small groups (e.g., duo, trio, quad) in addition to competing with their dance class groups.

If we cannot get Guest Authors into Town Dancer blog,
perhaps we can help Blogging Hawaii and get them
independent. First Come. First Serve.

Competitive dancers must be physically fit because even short dances can be physically demanding. Also, dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Fortunately, we have many places in town available to practice and hone your skills. The Palladium is used frequently because of the large dance floor.

"Secret Lovers" By Atlantic Starr

Competitive dancing requires dedication as many months may be spent practicing dance and developing dance routines. A good dance club like USA dance can help you a long way according to their rules. ****

Pub's Side Note: To our reader/dancers, please consider yourselves, now and henceforth, and no matter what anyone ever asks of you, free to do any damned thing you want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else unnecessarily.

Nic Nax

Now that everyone is out vacationing we have a chance to pause and think things over.

"Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm
of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded sun. And nearby is a small, modest planet, Earth.
But as is often the case, fashionable is not the same as comfortable.
We live in prime real estate. Let's try to keep it that way."
As defined by the Universal dancer:
the characteristics of the three styles of tango:

American tango is when you’ve just started dating, and you’re flirting in an atmosphere of sexual tension.
Argentine tango is when you’ve just started sleeping together and you can’t keep your hands off each other.
International tango is when you’ve been married for seven years and you’re only staying together for the sake of the children.
"How High The Moon" By Les Paul Mary Ford

We are lucky to be getting so many beginners and their Dancelife is about to expand ....
Beyond their wildest Dreams!
With our blogs, they will find themselves more on the Internet to enjoy dance information. They will be meeting more of their fellow dancers, in the blogs, some of the most enthusiastic dancers on this Island. Be aware that we are dancing to purely enjoy the dance, which is what most social dancers do.
And then lately many of you have been more aware that we have some excellent exhibition or competition dancers. They dance for how it looks and accept the fact that there is proper place to be judged. And then there is the new growing group that is interested in viewing. This new group of Viewers will be attending the big functions.
Our readers seem to know how to read and reading is fundamental. You can get smarter by reading anything of interest to you. Those of us in the entire island shall pride ourselves that "Through These Blogs Read The Most Informed Dancers In The Pacific."

"The hardest math to master is that which enables us
to count our blessings."

Is there anybody dancing on the Windward side of this Island?
Downtown Honolulu. Exec leaving for the day and gets on the elevator. Next floor down, the elevator stops and a gorgeous blonde gets on. She pokes her elbow in his ribs and says, "Hi, Cutie Pie." His wife is standing next to him, smiles nicely to the lady. "Hi, I am Mrs Pie."
  Blogger's Law #41: All gossip at the Palladium is true. Do not be misled by facts.