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Rolando Sarabia, dancer

By Francis Makowski, North Shore
Dusty, sweltering afternoon in 2003, a strikingly handsome young Cuban walked across the bridge from Reynosa, Mexico, into McAllen, Texas, and asked U.S. border agents for political asylum. The first sign that he was no ordinary defector came when the agents ran a computer check on his identity.

"Solamente Una Vez"
By La Internacional Sonora Manzanero

"All of a sudden," recalls the Cuban, "they were shaking my hand, congratulating me, asking for my autograph." Was he a political dissident? A pop singer? A baseball pitcher? In fact, in his own realm he was an even bigger catch. He was Rolando Sarabia, 23, a star of Cuba's National Ballet, whose spectacular performances had won him a reputation among dance aficionados as another Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Sarabia was born in Havana, Cuba, on 18 August 1982. His father was a ballet dancer with the Cuban National Ballet. Rolando grew up, among ballet dancers and was performing with the Cuban National Ballet since the age of 5. In 2003, Sarabia left Cuba, after Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso refused to allow him to join the Boston Ballet where his younger brother Daniel Sarabia was dancing as a corps member.

"Por El Amor De Una Mujer" por Julio Iglesias

Sarabia is only the latest of a long line of Latin dancers, especially Cubans, who have joined top U.S. and European troupes, infusing them with a new warmth, sensuality and flair--what in Spanish is called "chispa," or spark. There have been individual Hispanic stars before, like the great mid-century ballerinas Alicia Alonso of Cuba and Lupe Serrano of Chile.

“You don’t dance? You were a dancer once upon a time.
You just stopped and you don’t remember when.”

But now rosters from San Francisco to Houston to Cincinnati are studded with Latin names. Roughly half the principal dancers in the Boston and Miami City ballets are Latins. American Ballet Theatre (A.B.T.) features so many that one of its principals says it "should be called Latin Ballet Theatre." Lynn Garafola, a dance historian at Barnard College, summed up the shift in a Dance Magazine article whose headline proclaimed LATIN IS THE NEW RUSSIAN.

The dancers come from all across the Spanish-speaking world: from Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, and, above all, from Cuba, in a contingent that ranges from the veteran Carlos Acosta of the Royal Ballet down to newcomer Sarabia (who was considering a stack of offers while staying in Pompano Beach, Fla., with a former teacher, also a defector).

"Higher Ground" By the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Arthur Murray Honolulu

Got some nice information for the reader/dancers. In Friday's Eastside Dancing blog, I posted their information on dancing in Kailua. I had to copy every thing piece meal, but I had the time. Very nice for the people in the Eastside.

“If you have no will to change it, you have no right to criticize it”
Then this one was for this blog and it is for a good cause. The other part where we could have given the teacher some publicity would not move. I will post only what I can for this one. I would like everyone to know that a poster is usually much easier. Just copy and post, wham, wham. But we continue to appreciate the Two-Centers, those willing to share dance information with their fellow reader/dancers.

"Ticket To Ride" by the Beatles

Three of the most powerful tools for marketing a dance organization's services and products is through their Newsletters, Web and Blog sites. The benefits are many. They keep the organization's Name out in front of potential and current members, the media and Ballroom Dance Professionals. It is the least expensive PR.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Derailed in Willard, Ohio

November 28, 2013 ( WILLARD, Ohio) --
Ohio train derailment model has troubled history

Hundreds of homes in a small northern Ohio city remain evacuated after a train derailment damaged a railcar that leaked flammable liquid. Railroad tanker cars that have derailed and leaked, causing an evacuation in northern Ohio, are the same tanker model that the I-Team found was prone to rupture in a derailment.

Residents were told to evacuate an area encompassing more than 425 homes. CSX says it is providing hotels to the evacuees and offering a Thanksgiving meal to residents and first responders affected by the spill. A spokesman for CSX Corp. said the company would work through the night to clean up the spill in Willard, about 65 miles southwest of Cleveland.

This one happened ten years ago on the Mainland but the Present Rail Party guarantees that it cannot happen here. And we all know how truthful they are. It could fall on a lot of people but millions and millions of dollars in easy profits. It's the money, Sonny.

They say the passengers will pay the same for the rail mess as they do for the bus. What they didn't say was that the price will go up to $5.00. He He. You were conned into voting for it when they lied about Cayetano.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Basic Basics

There must be a hundred different dance styles that present the individual style of the dancer. It is generally considered part of Modern dancing. Many have been offshoot of some discipline. But many have evolve from someone's interpretation of movement to music. And much of it is "natural" meaning that it must have been done from the very beginning by the "oddballs."

“What distinguishes modern art from the art of other ages is criticism.”

However, people tend to do like the others. This dates from the time when agriculture emerged throughout the world and drums and music also appeared. The first movements to music were the even step patterns. Similar to what we see Africans dance on TV. left, right, left, right and just keeping time to the beat, up and down and it became group or "folk" dancing.

In the first civilizations in Mexico, the professions developed and among these were the professional musicians and dancers. And they evolved the first variation of the even step, "the Rock Step." Same as the Even pattern, but you could rock, back and forth or sideways.

"All Day And All Of The Night" by Kinks

No one is sure but perhaps it took a full millennium to evolve the Chassé.  It must have had a hundred different names according to the place where it was used and no one has ever had a patent on it. The name was first applied in ballet when dance experts recognized the movement and used the term, "Chassé," from the French which means, to chase.

Basically, it is the movement of one of the feet, followed by the second foot somewhere behind it and then stepping in the same the direction with the lead foot. Can be done forward with either foot, backwards with either foot and sideways with either foot. Variations? Not many, perhaps a thousand or so.

Now, it you take the Rock Step, break on the "two" and you will naturally rock back on the three. Then a Chassé on the four and one, and with the right music, you gotta perfect Cha Cha Cha. Someone invented this recently? And of course, they may tell you how to do it "correctly."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

From Dream To Dance Studio

Hi Joe, finally the photo you requested of the hustle formation we did at Doug Kesler showcase in October.    We are in celebrity costumes for the masquerade theme.  I was Lucille Ball... you could have been Desi!


Keoki Galas, Kim Suenaga, Patrick Norman, Debby Barboza, Ralph Morita, Barbara Edwards,
Lora Kanno, Kelly Siu, Lori Zia, Vince DeBina, Linda Iwamoto, Dan Ing.

The smallest atom of truth represents some person's bitter toil and agony; for every ponderable chunk of it there is a brave truth-seeker's grave upon some lonely ash-dump and a soul roasting in hell.

Thank you Joe from the technology impaired!
The two events I would have input are here:

1. New location for Dream To Dance in the new year.
   1010 North King ST, #202-204, Honolulu, HI 96817
   The new Palama Supermarket, 2nd floor
    Lots of parking, air con, and windows!

2.  Holly Jolly Trolley, Saturday 12/21/13, travel by open air trolley to dance at The Crown and Gordon Biersch.  Disembark at Dream To Dance for more dancing!

Thank you Joe!

Pub's Side Note: So gratifying to be able to get the information for the reader/dancers.
All winners, no losers. Terrific.


(CNN) —Seven cars of an Amtrak passenger train headed from New Orleans to New York derailed overnight in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company said in a statement. Several years back someone had guaranteed that it couldn't happen.

All nine of the train's cars remained upright, and there were no reports of serious injuries, Amtrak said. The train was carrying 207 passengers and 11 crew members. Chartered buses will take the passengers to their destinations, the company said. The cause of the derailment was not immediately clear.

This one happened five years ago. Good thing it did not fall on a lot of people. Guaranteed that it cannot happen here by the Present Rail Party and we all know how truthful they can be.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media; To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job but; there ain't nuttin' like a blog.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jargon 20

From The Bonehead's Guide to Ballroom Dancing Jargon, revised.

Yes, we have these too:
"I just came in for the exercise," "Where are all the ladies," "Where are all the men" I don't care, just so I dance with somebody," and "I am not the gossiping type but I heard ..." We all know "da kine," nice pleasant people meeting for a social occasion. Some attend classes sporadically and are in and out of the dancing scene. Most just never got with it and style means nothing. Of course, this crowd also includes beginners on the way up. And we should help wherever we can.

“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.”

Fortunately on Oahu we have some of the best teachers of the American Style of Dance. So all of the possible students out there have a wonderful opportunity to learn to dance in a comfortable fashion and you will not have many telling you about the mistakes you make. You will thank goodness that you are not competing with anyone but yourself, having fun getting better all the time.

"A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke

Meanwhile, the Jargon continues:

Posturing: The moving of the upper body for several counts without moving the feet. Can be accomplished gracefully only by advanced dancers.

Poise: The carriage of the body. A balance and stylish relationship of the head, arms, body and legs.

Professional: One who earns a living from dancing either exhibitions or competitions. Also one who is involved in teaching, coaching or other dance advisory capabilities.

Quick: A comparative term used in timing of steps. A quick is usually one beat of music, and a slow is two beats.

Quick Waltz: Another name for the Viennese Waltz.
"Save The Last Dance for Me" by Michael Buble.
Ragtime: Highly syncopated music developed by America Negroes right after the Civil War. The base was the Indian music fused with the Marches of the day. This was followed by jazz, swing and the rest of the rhythm and blues.

Rhythm: The regular occurrences of the accented beats in a bar of music. These beats coming directly from the drums and bass, shape the character of the music and/or the dance.

Rhythm Division: The dances in the American Style of Dance which includes, Rumba, Cha, Cha Cha, Mambo, Samba and Swing.

Right Hand Lead: The signals given by a man's right hand on the lady's back. Finger Lead, is slight finger pressure to help the lady turn to her left. Heel Lead is slight heel pressure to help the lady turn to her right. And Palm Lead to help the lady go forward as you go back. The ladies are super wonders at interpretation.

From Maui Time

This Friday, Nov. 29: Gabriel Iglesias @MauiArtsCulture
November 23, 2013 By Marina Satoafaiga Leave a Comment

Photo courtesy of MACC
Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) is returning to the Maui Arts and Culture Center this Friday. He’s the recipient of Comedy Central’s “Favorite Comic” and “Special of the Year” awards and is an ALMA nominee for Favorite TV Reality, Variety, or Comedy Personality or Act. His PG material and high octane show has won him a diverse fan base. His latest projects included two DVDs as well as shows on Comedy Central like Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution and Aloha Fluffy 2012. Back and ready to make you laugh, Iglesias breathes new life into his “Stand Up Revolution” routine. $41. 7:30pm. Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Castle Theater (One Cameron Way, Kahului); 808-242-7469,
-Marina Satoafaiga (@sandtothecity)
Photo courtesy of MACC

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Written by Marina Satoafaiga

Polynesian roots, purpose driven and obsessed with family & friends. Lover of all things social media, sparkly and sweet. Will choose shopping over saving. Split between LA and Maui. Believes there is more to life than today.

Pub's Side Note: It is becoming obvious to our reader/dancers that none of us can be everywhere at once. Check out Richie Fun in Town Dancer blog, info you just cannot find anywhere.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Place to Dance in the West

Yes, I hear the people, and they would like a place to dance more to the West. They don't say where but I would think that for the dancers in the Moanalua Corridor, (high density of residents) Salt Lake would be just about the perfect place. Yeah, but where?

"It is usual to have failed more times than you have succeeded"

We are beginning to think about closer to home and as far away from the Rail Disaster as possible. Remember the days of long commutes? Gas was cheap, and plenty of time, not any more. Salt Lake could also get many dancers from Kalihi and environs.

Social, recreational dancing will be dragged, kicking and screaming into the vast Western wilderness of Oahu. Kapolei Chapter, HBDA is doing just great! The entire Waianae Coast is theirs. Of course, there will be a new club somewhere in the West too. People are now attending from Ewa Beach to Mililani but it's gotta be in Kapolei.

"Dancing In The Moonlight" by King Harvest

I haven't been much help. The worsening bus situation (to pay for the Rail Crisis) has made it difficult for me. I have an application for Senior Housing in Pearl City but there is long waiting list. If you don't know anyone in the wheel department, it will take longer. So I attend dance functions less frequently and wait for the Two-Centers that will eventually appear to save the day. Wherever, if I can help, I will.

For Da Liders: If you have a nice pattern of good steps and moves which you think look nice, you are probably right. And this is for most of us who dance in the "Masses." However there is a rule here too. It should be done sparingly, "One is fun — Two will do — Three, let it be — Four, it's a bore." Got it?

"You Keep Me Hangin' On" by the Supremes

Times are a-changing and everything changes except change. It just keeps changing. The Postal Service does not take change lightly and would not have proposed it if six-day service could be supported by current volumes. However, there is no longer enough mail to sustain six days of delivery. Saturday had to go. Fortunately, we have a Post Office part time in Nanakuli.

Ten years ago the average household received five pieces of mail every day. Today it receives three pieces, the Internet is faster and easier. Not to mention competition from United Postal Service and Federal Express. Reducing street delivery to five days will help rebalance postal operations with the needs of today’s customers. It also will save about $3 billion a year, including reductions in energy use and carbon emissions. I like it because I get most of it in my mail box.


From Civil Beat

Making Waves: Tommy Russo Is 'Fighting for Change' on Maui
By Nathan Eagle/Honolulu Civil Beat

Editor's Note: There's a feeling in Hawaii that people here don't like to rock the boat, to speak up or publicly raise concerns about important issues and possible wrongdoing. But public debate and discussion are vital if we are going to make Hawaii a better place for residents and businesses. This series spotlights people (and organizations) in Hawaii who aren't afraid to make waves.

What do you think?

WAILUKU, MAUI — Tommy Russo has a nose for bullshit. Political malfeasance? Animal cruelty? Police corruption? Environmental hazards?

The Maui Time publisher and his shoestring staff routinely sniff out stuff people in power don’t want discovered — and then air it out in the alternative weekly Russo founded in 1997. “I want to challenge the status quo,” Russo said over spring rolls last month at a Vietnamese restaurant a short walk from Maui Time’s office. “I just didn’t realize that putting myself out there would be such a lonely place.”

Well, at least we are making contact with the alternative press in the neighbor islands. A very good start. We'll get there eventually. I will make a links section for the alternative press in The Rail Tragedy blog. The Star Advertiser has been taken over by the Present Rail Party and has become a propaganda machine for the money boys.
The changes coming about are for the good of the people and Political Action Committees will be recognized for what they are. And they are definitely not democracy, they can bullshit some of the people some of the time. But they are not going to bullshit all of the people all of the time.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bits and peices

Very good news if true. The section coming up very nicely is the Koa Ridge (just north of Waipio) which will have a large Industrial Park area. Including a new Hospital. Yes, we know, the Sierra Club and the Present Rail Party put down any Industrial Parks. "and I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Then New Blog, North Shore moving ahead very slowly, though most of the hits are blogger, scam, spam robot hits. They may do somebody some good but certainly not the bloggers. Those kind of stats are actually no stats. There are an awful lot of fun people on the North Shore, just too far to find work. And those "keep the country, country" (from downtown Honolulu) have screwed up the works for decades. And we mean a small industrial park.

Of course, the other blog coming up a little better. The Eastside Dancing blog which may get some action in there when Dance Hawaii starts classes in January. We just might get some others rolling in too. Write ups and photos, could be something. A good Two-Center would clinch it.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble.
It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

Arthur Murray Dance Center Hawaii invites you to join them on November 22nd at 7:30 pm at their Honolulu Studio for an Open House Guest Party. Enjoy an evening full of dance demonstrations, by both students and instructors, complimentary wine and pupu's, and an opportunity to dance the night away !

They are located at 1221 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 400 Honolulu, HI 96814.  You may park on Level H for access to the back door of the studio. Parking in the parking structure is $2 per hr . After 6:30 p.m. there is free parking along the building.

The neighbor island show flickers of interest but they just don't know blogs. They know enough to be careful on the Internet, specially if it says "free." Watch it! Then some think we are just making millions on their good looks, talent, fame and good fortune. They may be ignorant of blogging but they are not stupid. They will learn and we will be patient. All we want to do is help.

Pub's Side Note: For those interested in dancing to live music, tune in to Richie's blog in Town Dancer. Nice write up of the coming shindig at the Palladium.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Holiday Season

Well, it is pretty apparent that there will be a lot of action in downtown Honolulu for the Holiday Season. I guess it has always been that way. Sooner than we think, there will be big doings in Waianae, the North Shore and East Honolulu. This being tied to your masters in town is not da reel teeng.

First off we got people going off into the "wild blue yonder" into other worlds far from home.
They should do what they wish as long as they harm no one.

"Moliendo Cafe" por Azucar Moreno


Then there are a few places to help "Elsewhere"

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do,
so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.

You can always drop in to your regular stops.

Pub's Side Note: We cannot do what one person tells us to do. But we can certainly hear what many of you say and then we must move accordingly.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jargon 19

From The Bonehead's Guide to Ballroom Dancing Jargon, revised.

So many different terms in dancing. I surf dancing in the Internet and though i have been dancing for eight decades, I can feel that much of that is way beyond my meager learning's. So I must keep this blog down to a very basic jargon. When you get fancy you will learn the fancier words.

One of the most basic is the change in term "ballroom." And many dancers still do not understand what happened. As the Internationals became well entrenched on Oahu, they looked down on everyone else, The term became, "ameliorative," and the term acquired a positive association among them. This became evident when a colloquial term arose "junk dancer," and applied to everyone else. And in this century the Internationals have seized the term "ballroom" for themselves. I have no argument with that, it belongs to them and I concur.

"Revolution" by the Beatles

At the same time, led by the Night Club dancers, the term "ballroom" became "pejorative' in which the term acquired a negative association. They applied it to just about anyone who did not dance in Night Clubs and/or did not drink alcoholic beverages. They think of themselves as "Social' dancers and they have the right to do so.

But now we have a third party emerging, a much bigger party than anyone has realized before. All based on the American Style of Dance. We find ourselves in the process of defining our people, these are the masses, not the classes. There are more than twice as many of us than all the peripherals put together. Three times? The people/dancers are going to be making the decisions for this group. They are not going to be dictated to by on high.

We continue with the Jargon:

Orchestra: A group of musicians joined together for a musical purpose such as a Dance Band. Besides all their other good points they have the pause that refreshes. Not continuous non stop music. Auwe!

Outside Turn: The man lifts the lady's right hand and leads her to turn to his right (her left.) very limited, used in less than 100 different dances.

Outside Foot: The foot that happens to be farthest from either partner.

Overturner: Generally in night clubs, turning the lady more than twice.

Packaged Style: The learned movements universally used in the accepted style of a particular dance. Most syllabus steps.

Partner: Either of two persons who dance together. Applied to one dance, one dance course, or simply to attain an objective such as a championship. Not a  rule, but it may also have romantic implications.

Pattern: A combination of dance steps in a prescribed order. Three or four or your favorite patterns using the most basic steps can be the best for leads. Men can enjoy their music with several ladies easily

Phrasing: The fitting of dance figures to the rhythm and/or the melody and sometimes even to the words of the song. Specially well done by street dancers and night club dancers.

Pivot: A turning action during which the free foot is kept either in front or in back of the foot on which the turn is made.

Point; The extension of the free foot, with no weight change and with the toe touching the floor.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Libertad Lamarque

Translated from La Scala, Buenos Aires 

Libertad Lamarque was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina, on November 24, 1908. Lamarque's father was a militant anarchist and was in jail when she was born. On hearing his daughter had been born, he sent his request from jail that she be named Libertad, Spanish for "liberty."

Lamarque began performing in front of her relatives for flowers and coins as a young girl, and soon discovered she loved performing for an audience.

Of short stature, although with a sturdy body and stunning figure, delicate smirk and expressive look. High-pitched voice color, even for her soprano range, perhaps not suitable for tango, she overcame that apparent difficulty.

Most tangos were sung by men with the women breaking their hearts. But she said that women have hearts that could be broken too. With the sizable strength of her voice, the strong temper she evidenced as well as a permanent emotion added to an ideal intonation to say the lyrics and accompany the melody.

By 1926 her parents agreed on the likelihood of her chance in Buenos Aires. Not only did they accompany her but also her father's tinsmith's shop was moved as well.

They changed their residence to Buenos Aires. Already a grown-up girl, the tiny lovely figure of Libertad was admitted for the choir and for some tiny role in her first theatre.

By the time she was eighteen he had already made her professional debut at theater, on radio, recorded her first disc, had already married and given birth to her only daughter. Soon she realized this union was a mistake but it would take her twelve years to get her divorce which was not legal then.

She formed a brand spanking new and definitive union with the pianist Alfredo Malerba. Her recordings became a boom and her records to this day are in every single place in the Latin World. In 1933 she was included in the cast of "Tango", which is regarded as the first Argentine film with soundtrack.

Lamarque made over 60 motion pictures and 2,000 recordings. She also performed on stage and in TV in her native Argentina, her adopted Mexico and the United States. Though she never learned to speak English. She turned down offers to appear in Hollywood films, and took her career to Mexico after being banned in Argentina by First Lady Eva Perón.

A brand spanking new age of hits awaited her in Mexico. Her bonds with that country were so strong that until the end she was still linked and working, chiefly appearing in TV novels & cinema, in spite of her elderly age.

Her cinema performances left her role of singer at a secondary level to finally become a dramatic actress. Her debut in Mexico took place in 1947 under the direction of Luis Buñuel, on "Gran Casino". She was starred in over 40 titles, a quantity of the famous directors that worked there along with her were: Roberto Gavaldón, Tito Davison & "Indio" Emilio Fernández.

Her comebacks to Buenos Aires took place after 1955 when general Perón was no longer in charge. Over 400 recordings represent a number never reached by any other Argentine female singer and give us an idea of the importance of her art in the world of tango & our culture.

She passed on December 12, 2000 at 92 years old and surely journalism will take care of recalling the outlines of her limitless & worthwhile artistic career.