Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Want to Become a Better Dancer?

by Michele Rasmussen, San Francisco

If it is your wish or desire to become a better dancer than you are now, it is my opinion that one of the most important factors is to be trainable. To be "trainable" you must be willing to receive information and apply it. You must check your ego at the door and pick up your stiff upper lip. You must be willing to allow your instructor to critique your dancing, expose your weaknesses and make suggestions. After all, that is what you are compensating them for. Their experience and their knowledge.
"You always pass failure on your way to success."

Sometimes there may be very simple suggestions that are easily applied to your dancing. Other times it may take weeks, or even months to break old habits and retrain muscle memory that you have already established. To prevent becoming stagnant, or at your current level of dance, you must always be working on yourself. I know that there are many things that I wish to improve. My turn technique, foot positions, connection, timing or even just the way I hold my hand, my dancing is always a work in progress.
"(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover"   ...   Glenn Miller

Last night I danced a Country Two Step with a gentleman that I have never danced with before. While leaving the dance floor, he thanked me, asked me where I got the ball bearings installed on my shoes, said that I had the best connection he had felt in a really long time and that it was the best dance he had had in years. I thanked him for being so kind, and for such a great dance.

His compliments reassured me that all of the hard work, practice, effort and willingness to take constructive criticism , apply it and come back for more was worth its weight in gold. It made me want to improve even more. I know that I am trainable! I know that with good instruction, an open mind, hard work, practice and a willingness to be critiqued I can continue to improve my dancing.

So, if it is your goal to become a better dancer, be trainable. Whether you are taking a group class or receiving private instruction, listen, be willing to make changes and apply what you learn. To improve your dancing you must take what you learn during class, practice on your own and bring it to the social dance floor.

Q: How many dance instructors does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Five!…Six!…Seven!…Eight!

If you only utilize the information you learn in class, during class, you will be the same dancer you were when you walked through the door. Remember that dancing is supposed to be FUN! Enjoy the journey and celebrate each new step, we are ALL a work in progress!

About Me: I am Michele Rasmussen. It is my wish to share my love of dance with anyone interested. I am sure that I share many of the same hopes and dreams as many of you, and I hope to share the joy that I have found by "Learning to Dance in the Rain".

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Town Dancer, the blog.

The best source of information on dancing in these islands are our local blogs. "Town Dancer" is something special, with Calvin Ota and Richard Sun as Guest Authors, they lead the way. If I say green on Monday and green on Wednesday and green on Friday, when either of them comes out on the next Monday with "Blue," - Ray call Mary, Doris calls John, and it goes around. "Not the same old S---, this is different."

"One thorn of experience is worh a whole wilderness of warning."

On any one of our blogs, you can see a "Good Links" in a side bar either to the left or right. Just click the name of the blog that you wish to see and it will appear, like magic, right before your eyes. If you want to access it again later and easily, just add it to your favorites.

The diversity of opinion is what makes a blog. My writing regularly to try making contact is not enough to keep a blog going. Town Dancer is at about 200 average hits per day and with one more good Information and Photo contributor or better yet a Guest Author, I can see 300 hits a day. But we are having a tough time getting anyone interested with information to contribute, not just free run of the mill advertising which we do get plenty of.

Some of our flyer contributors are beginning to realize that after the party is over, is what is interesting to the readers. You will get a good idea of our rapidly changing dance world by reading our blogs. Sometimes they even have news of Neighbor Island dancing but somehow the Neighbor Islands still feel they should be keeping the neighbor island dancing, neighbor island dancing. They will eventually join the rest of the dancers on these islands.

The holidays are almost two weeks away and we are starting the partying, which is what dancers like to do. Perhaps someone on the neighbor islands can get ideas and share a few of their highlights, past, present or in the future for all our fellow dancers on these islands.

"Ballet dancers are always dancing round on their toes.
Why don’t they just get taller dancers?"

I try to avoid the work, (I have too much) but I will help and I do provide the platforms on our blogs. Anyone can get in and do the rest and easily. It will be slow going but together we can do it and have a nice time doing it. Happy Holidays to all.

Pub's Side Note: Blogs are more personal, direct and more current communication. They leave an opening for comments in each blog and receptive to more formal answers and opinions in the blog itself. The hits go through the ceiling. Real Social Media is much different than anything we have come across before.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hit Counter

A hit counter is a useful tool to show the efficacy of a web or blog site. It can be a colorful blotch on your site that just tells your visitors how many others have been there and privately it can provide detailed traffic information to the owner of the site. The free Blogger counter that we use in these blogs gives us much more information than most of us need.
"The best selling paperbacks seem to be coming from the trite side of the racks."

But a web or blog site owner should consider how much information he or she wants from the hit counter. If your web or blog site is about some interesting phase in life, like golf, tennis or even dancing, then a simple page-based hit counter should suffice.

A simple counter counts every visitor to your page, whether by actual visitors or search engines or other web bots that search for personal information. Used as a guide, it is a very useful tool, just don't count too much on it.

"The Shadow of your Smile"   ...   Tony Bennett

Two dance blogs that are different and have a small difference in hits do not really say anything. A Web or blog site that has 15 average hits per day is certainly not on par with one that has 150 hits per day. There is a new dance blog in town covering the nightclubs that came in just this year and already hitting close to 150 average hits per day. That certainly is five to ten times more than most dance Web sites in the Hawaiian Islands.

With a fast internet, you can play these You Tube clips. However the slower your internet, the more stops and goes. Press the Pause, II, it will hold the playing and you will see the gray bar moving, (data loading.) With very slow internets, you may have to hold it over half way. Then press play, the triangle. The playing (red bar) may not catch up so you can hear it all without stops.

In my day, many, many years ago, there was a beautiful rumba-bolero, named La Sombra de tu Amor. This may have been way back in the late 60s. When I got to the States the lyrics had been changed to English and the title was just a little different. Should have been the Shadow of your Love, but they made it the Shadow of your Smile. Lucky two of my favorite singers, Tony Bennett and Juanes from Columbia. At first I figured Americans can screw things up, but this was a duet, it came out perfect and I liked it. This the only evidence of Tony Bennett ever singing in Spanish.

Eres Todo En Mi - You're My Everything

Then we have the unusual. Most beautiful Latin songs have been coming up to the States for decades and translated and renamed to English. This beautiful song in English (You're My Everything) went South, renamed, and remade its own lyrics in Spanish and the music resulted in a beautiful Rumba Bolero.

This sung by the famous singer Ana Gabriel, one the best and a favorite of mine. From the original entitled, "You're My Everything" and a favorite in the States at the time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

December Looking Good

And the month of December is starting with a bang.

Somebody from Dance Hawaiii did inform me that HBDA was having a dance at Ala Wai on Saturday, December 1st. I had tried to get some information from HBDA before but no go. At the Saturday Review at Aliamanu Intermediate, my friends from Kapolei Chapter told me it was definite but by then too late, I had already made other plans.

"I am thankful to all those that said no. It is because of them, that I had to do it myself."
~Albert Einstein.

Dance Hawaii is having a Dance on Saturday, December 1 at Aliamanu Middle School Cafeteria, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Music DJ: Paul Lee, Donation: $5.00 Refreshments will be served along with coffee, hot tea, juice, and water. Snacks are welcomed by members.
They say they had this in the Philippines, 1970. I thought we had it in 71  I am an old man and all I can do is reminise. Anyway it got there pretty fast and with a good singer and perfect Spanish.

She even looks like one of the singers I use to like in Managua. Of course, they are not perfect, and mispelled the title of the song. It is "Y Volvere." So they forgot a V. If you have a slow internet, use the pause II button, holds the playing while the grey bar moves, data loading. You may have to wait until the bar is half way to the end. The playing (red bar) may not catch up. With good speakers on your computer or good earphones, it will be "musica magnifica."

Courtesy of WBDC, we got notice about Aiea Ballroom Dance Association having their Christmas Dance at Pearl Country Club on Sunday, December 2nd. You can inquire from WBDC.

"It is a mistake to suppose that people always succeed through success;
they often succeed through failures."
Pub's Side Note: Parking problems on Oahu are increasing all over as more people are leaving public transportation. The "cattle cars" get worse everyday. Old ladies riding standing from Waianae to town. that's criminal. Da Rail gonna fix that? Dumb Dodos. We need buses now, not a ten Billion dollar rail ten years from now.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Industrial Parks,

Industrial Parks are not usually of interest to downtown people and with reason. They are usually in the outskirts like in West Oahu, where there is a large amount of bedroom community, and a lot of dancers live there. Unfortunately all have been voted down by the rail people, of course.

Picked up a nice photo of one in the outskirts of Calexico, California. Beautiful place.

Cost over 100 million but has over 1000 employees that live in the area. Think of one in the Ewa Plain and one thousand cars missing from the freeways, and one thousand cars missing from downtown traffic in Honolulu. But it was voted down by the rail people, naturally, there are billions and billions of dollars in profits in the rail.

These articulated (one tandem) buses selling very well in Europe and Latin America. But the
Bi-Articulated (two tandems) buses are now proven five times more efficient than rail and cost one tenth. Of course, they won't make the billions and billions of dollars in profits.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Volvo and Latin America

Now, it becoming more evident throughout the civilized world that the rail is just too much, buses mo bettah. The Chinese have been in the forefront of manufacturing and installing Articulated (tandem) buses in China for a long time. People going and coming from dances are doing so more comfortably. Not in Honolulu "cattle cars."

"There are defeats more triumphant than victories."

The Chinese have accumulated much data in which buses have proven to be five times more efficient than rail and cost one tenth as much. It has not gotten to other places on this planet yet. Volvo is now the leading bus builder in Europe and cooperating heavily in Mexico and Brazil.

From Alapai Transit Center (4pm to Nanakuli 5pm) in just one hour.
There ain't a rail in the entire world that can beat that. Even if it cost 20 billion.
And it leaves me right around the corner where I live. Only a Dream?

There are now eight bus body manufacturers in Brazil and six chassis factories. Mercedes and Mafersa also now producing complete buses. In Chile there are new, just bus-body factories. There are articulated buses already running in Brazil and Columbia. Mexico City is next. Their rail system is for the birds. The plans are that once they get people riding the buses comfortably, they can tear that rail down. All over the world, rail is out, buses? Hey, they are in!

In San Francisco, they built the rail, some contractors made millions in profits, but from the beginning, not good. The users would much rather get the bus right around the corner where they always got it instead of going to the humbug of getting to a rail station. The initial cost and maintenance was terrible and the beautiful scenery of San Francisco was effectively destroyed. A lot of hassle, but they finally tore it down and now San Francisco is beautiful again and running just fine.

We will get the right people in our transportation department with the up to date transportation know how. Where the people count and not the money. I can imagine when and if they get the Tri-articulated (three tandem) buses. Wow! The freeways? Where is everybody? From Makaha to downtown Honolulu in comfort. Of course, no one in the ivory towers know about this yet.

In South America they have been concentrating on the Articulated bus (one tandem) but now expanding their experiments in all of South America with Bi-Articulated (two tandems.) Five times more efficient than rail, with passengers as human beings (not in Honolulu) and at one tenth the cost of rail. They are all working on the Tri-Articulated (three tandems) and they appear to be even more efficient and at lesser cost. Rail is for backward people like in the islands in the Pacific.

The Conecto is already a familiar sight on the streets of Istanbul, Bucharest and Szeged, and now it’s coming to Warsaw. Since the Mercedes-Benz Conecto first went into production in a few years back, it has become a firm favourite among bus operators in eastern Europe and Turkey. Maybe all these people know what they are doing?

Pub's Side Note: Check Richie's blog in Oahu And Beyond. Good news for Dot's in Wahiawa fans.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mr. Blogger Strikes Again

Yes, he has been busy lately but we finally got a good one in Town Dancer blog from Calvin. All his fans can breathe a sigh of relief. It is somewhat sad, that I try to convince all possible Guest Authors that they don't really have any commitment and they can blog whenever they wish. I completely overlook their fans. And Calvin has plenty. So now it has been posted in the latest Town Dancer and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them in life,
is the true measure of our thanksgiving."

So it seems quite obvious to me. We need a guest author just to prove that my presence may not be needed. With two guest authors I can phase myself out very easily and the new bloggers would run the hits up into the stratosphere, I guarantee it. I can devote my time to the other blogs and get them independent. Town Dancer and Oahu And Beyond are both asking for independence, they have the highest average hits per day.

With the bus situation as bad as it is, I cannot go into town as easily as I could before. We don't know how long the ivory towers in the city administration feel they must punish the public transportation user. "You take what we give you and shut up, we will tell you what you need."
"Tangerine"   ...   Jimmy Dorsey (Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell)

Meanwhile the Chinese are really proving price differential in buses and rail. Rail cost up to ten times as the same buses. On Oahu the profits on rail are enormous. Our representatives in the legislature know almost nil, but they understand, "money donated to their campaigns." As they say at PRP, they can be bought.

Meanwhile, most Christmas dance parties have already been set up so that is all we can look forward to until the New Year begins. There are plenty of new things brewing for the coming year, much of it in the West. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."
"To Each His Own"   ...   Freddy Martin

Line dancing seems to be slowing down, as is Salsa. Maybe they are just settling down. There are couple of new bars opening up West of the Pecos. There is hope. Not the boozing but that there will be new blood and applying new ways.

Pub's Side Note: In Hawaii, dance blogs are enabling hundreds of dancers to express their opinions with reduced political risk simply because of the sheer number of like-minded opinions online. Facing these independent voices, the old clique machine starts to crumble.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I still dunno

The entire dance scene is slowly moving into the Christmas Season. I think it would be better to enjoy the Thanksgiving season first. No news on any new dance groups forming. I suppose everything is on hold until next year.
"If people are not thankful for what they got, they are not likely
to be thankful for what they are going to get."
Fans: There have been fanatic admirers throughout history. "Fans" as we know them today were referred to as such only in the twentieth century. The term "fan" originated as a simple abbreviation of "fanatic." There had been an increasingly growing group in our dance world, in which they may not know much about dancing but "they know what they like." This "show business" thing is now being marketed all over the world. It has very little interest in our groups. It just ain’t da reel teeng!
"You'll Never Know"   ...   Dick Haymes

From the Street Dancer's Guide:

You're losing it when you start flailing your arms, If you don't feel comfortable on the dance floor, then don't make motions that practically beg the crowd to look in your direction -- unless you have moves that would have made Michael Jackson envious. Jumping up and down. This is something you would do if you were at a frat party or rock concert; leave it for those occasions.

Staring down at the floor, Avoid keeping your eyes glued to the floor, or you'll look too intense and as if you're concentrating too much on your moves. Instead, try to focus on the band, DJ, or the people around you -- but don't stare at the woman in the skimpy dress or your boss' wife for too long, for obvious reasons.
"In The Blue Of Evening"   ...   Frank Sinatra

Getting drunk. It's perfectly okay to drink a little bit to loosen up on the dance floor, in fact, it's recommended if you feel that alcohol will help you open up, but you may want to refrain from getting on the dance floor if you feel the urge to get up on the speaker, do the funky chicken while doing the limbo, or worse yet -- dance like Seinfeld 's Elaine Benes. Dancers have a reputation for not being drunks.

Screaming "Woooo!" while moving. This is probably what will happen if you dance when you're extremely drunk. Don't draw attention to yourself, unless of course, you want to. Dancing with clenched fists. If your body's stiff and your fists are in the punching position while you dance, you'll look stressed and extremely tense, which will make you look insecure.

Built in China in the outskirts of a city bigger than Honolulu. 1000 people, live and
work in the area. No need go downtown. The rail people do not like dis kine stuff.
"I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Remember, the whole point of dancing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Nobody expects you to break into the moonwalk, start leading the conga line, or pull a Fred Astaire. Don't think about it too much, and just let your body move to the rhythm.

After a while, you'll be more accustomed to letting yourself open up, and you'll see that you can move your body in more ways than you thought possible. Go with the music first. Seek the music that you like, that will be the most fun. So if this means anything, practice your moves to the music you like wherever you like.

Pub's Side Note: The bus situation continues to deteriorate. I get email from the Mainland. Will visit later, (much later.) Rail people got lots of money to buy whoever and lie wherever. They are going to make the people riding the buses as miserable as possible.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Present Bus Disaster Continues

Just in, the real reason Honolulu stopped buying the articulated buses (tandems.) The stats were revealing that the people were riding them in comfort and not driving their cars to work. The "C" bus was a prime example. The streets and highways were getting less action, just from articulated buses. The missing cars right in front of the articulated buses were because the drivers were "sitting" in the bus. Plain as day even  to those dummies in the Department of Transportation.

"If you made a list of all the things you could be thankful for,
the list would undoubtedly be longer than your misfortunes."

Regular shortie bus, very good in cities under 300,000

Worse, the Chinese have now been so successful with the bi-articulated buses, (two tandems behind,) almost 200 passengers.  Changzhou, Dalian, Guangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Xiamen, Yancheng, Zaozhuang, and Zhengzhou. Each of those cities have over twice the population of Honolulu.  So who needs rail. What for? $, The Big Buck$ in pure unadulterated profits. Billions and Billions of dollars, over half for the mainland.

Articulated bus, (tandem) hybrid (gas and electric) very efficient
as half of the bus fleet in cities up to 600,000.

The rail people couldn't stand that and they gave Carlisle the order. No more tandem buses. And everyone can see the mess they have made. Remember when the Honolulu Transit had pride? Now it's "cattle cars" and "take the next bus" and the people be damned. The tourists are all taking this information back home. It's just the money, honey.

Bi-Articulated (two trailers) Chinese tested, found highly efficient in cities up
to 3 million. One third the fleet; two tandems, one third one tandem and one
third shorties. The Chinese are not dummies, they know what they are doing.

On the Waianae Coast our representatives are completely unaware of the situation. "Let them eat cake." One communicated that she rides the bus to town regularly and "everything is just rosey." She thinks standing should be accepted as a way of life for this class of people. When I can see old ladies standing up all the way to town. That's criminal!

The Chinese are not holding back and making more tests. They have the proof, rail is
for the birds, cost ten times as much and ruins the scenery. Of course the bus above
is too much for us, a city of far less than a million. But, oh boy, if we could get the
right bus right around the corner, where we always got it, wow!

We have the best bus maintenance crews in the Pacific, right here, right now. We don't have to import high class, expensive rail maintence crews. The only things holding us back are the ones that were not going to make the billions and billions of dollars in profits on the rail. (The biggest humbug for the users is getting to a rail station? Auwe!) And you have seen it, these people are willing to do it by hook or by crook. Just look at what those lying polls did to Ben Cayetano.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Blog, Why?

This is my blog, but only because it has my name as the author. I get suggestions, red, green, blue or whatever. If I decide to pick green, it is my decision and I will have to take the heat. Same thing for photos, I go with my experience as to which are the most effiecient and how many to balance with the text and which ones to collage. But I have to take the heat for whatever I put out.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful
for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.

Now others may have a different opinions and they are certainly entitled to the differences. And in our blogs the differences are what make them so valuable.  Our guest authors write what they want to write and put in whatever they wish in photos, and how many photos they put in. It is their blog and they take the heat of whatever they post. It should be pretty simple. We need more bloggers willing to take the heat (and the praise) for their opinions. And they can pick the blog.

Our two top blogs have Guest Authors, our bottom four only have me. Does that tell you something? The Information and photo contributors and the Guest Authors are what make the difference. And there are so many that have been in the social dance scene so long and have very valuable information to share with our fellow dancers. Opinions? That's it. Guest Authors, we need them. All of us the readers, dancers, bloggers, - everybody benefits.

La Hiedra   ...   Paloma San Basilio

Now with bus situation so bad, I stay home and have more time to surf the Internet. I found the lady, one of my old time favorites, now she must be in her sixties. Then I had to find out how to post into the blog. But that is only half of it.

The other is your half. I do not know if you can see it like I can with slow internet. The output is digital, so your speakers or earphones must be able to pick up on all that is available and the sound is very good. Although the film is not. The lower right button will give you fullscreen.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Studio - Nightclub

Most people think they know what a studio nightclub is but it has never been seen on Oahu. The nearest thing is the Dream to Dance studio on Saturdays and Sunday and it gets pretty good. But you must admit it is the best decorated studio on this Island. And it helps to have a bunch of good people attending.
"Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons."

So in building this type of unit, the Studio comes first and all you really have to do is get it looking pretty. Most dance floors are surrounded completely by a padded bench structure. Tables are small and heavy on the bottom. And that costs, But it will be the basics that every thing hinges on. On the mainland most studio - nightclubs are at least 1000 square feet, although the granddaddy of them all is the Granada in Alhambra, California which is a three story deluxe deal.

But you must have enough room for a party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. A cover charge is a must and most beverages, alcoholic or not should be very reasonably priced. Alcohol is sold in bottles only; Beer in 12 oz bottles, Wine in quart or liter, and hard liquor in half pint bottles. Easy to inventory. Everybody can mix their own poison. There is no bartender or waitress, it is all do it yourself.

There are usually machines for the pop and canned juices. Free ice, plastic glasses and napkins provided. On Oahu they could have some type of snacks that can be used with chopsticks. No DJ, the music is computer operated and runs for about two hours but a full 30 seconds between each song, about 3 minutes long. There is usually a playlist and the approximate time the song will appear.
"That's My Desire"   ...   Frankie Laine

There is a break at the half, and they have a song by someone and an exhibition dance by someone. What it amounts to is place to dance and socialize, and since everyone that dances gets thirsty, it must be quenched. However, no one insists that they must drink alcohol. Whatevah, you do as you damn well please. The thing is to have a good time and they usually do.

Pub's Side Note: This is only one suggestion. On the mainland they all differ. So you gotta use your head, Red. Make it to suit yourself.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Line Dancers

At one time we used to have good coverage of the line dancers but I have not been able to do much since my move. However there are plenty of line dancer groups out there that could contribute information on their particular group. With photos, it could be a nice presentation for the day. There seems to be no blogs dedicated to Line Dancing.

 "Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?"

The one I use to go to most often because it was down the street from me was Parents Without Partners, at Ward Center Stage, a fine bunch of people. Then I used to get some information from Salome but that has ceased since I moved. The others have been in a reluctant mood and I will respect them for it. But if you wish to communicate with the dancing public, dis da place.

Of course there has been some line dancing all over West Oahu, but I am just starting to pin point a few so I can follow it up. It is hard to get the information. And line dancing has become part of the social dance program. As per usual, there is marked lack of men dancers in line dancing. You don't need Cowboy hats and Cowboy boots. Partner dance is nice, but it is still good to move to music even just on your lonely.

"Pistol Packin' Mama"   ...   Bing Crosby

The latest group I have heard of, Waialua but nothing definite yet. I am going to make a test run one of these days to the North Shore, when the horrible bus situation gets fixed. Auwe! The Department of Transportations seems to be intent on getting people off of public transportation on back to their cars. The biggest screw up in the buses I have ever seen.

We are getting more people interested in writing something so I have to communicate a little better. Once the contributors of information get used to it, it should be easier for them to decide to be a Guest Author. And they can get their friends opinions in too. And that is important for the progress of all dancing. Instead of letting a bunch of grouches run ballroom dancing into the ground, we can get many opinions and that is our social media.

The night club scene is changing all around too, but the interest is growing. The "non ballroom" groups are coalescing and becoming more unified. Witness, the new blog, Honolulu Dance Guide, plenty information available, hits going through the roof. There are ordinary everyday good dancers out there. The heart of the matter.

Pub's Side Note: A dance blog is what all dance websites would like to be, updated on a regular basis, containing content that is of interest to a select or target audience. Information easy to update and change. Our readers are gradually picking up on this action. The hits keep going up slow but steady. There has to be the "point of diminishing returns," but in my stats, I just cannot see it yet.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You got Rooked?

The people in Central Valley voted for the biggest boondoogle in the history of this island. They believed the Push Polls, a new low in politics on this island. The rail will never do the central valley people any good, they have good hearts and wanted something for the people. They are realizing too late that it was in the wrong place.

Notice to the Push Polls, "The trouble with the rat race is that
even if you win, you're still a rat."
The Rail people have at this moment successfully destroyed one of the best bus systems in the States. And the tourists are taking the news back with them. The suffering users? Packed worse than sardines. Who Cares? It's the money, honey! They cannot afford buses that are needed right now. But the Rail in ten years.? Big, Big Bucks in pure unadulerated profits. The voters got suckered in and now have to pay the piper.

Over 100 seated passengers. And in front of every one of these buses there are one hundred cars missing on the street or highway. The drivers are seated comfortably in the bus.

First thing is the property taxes may double. Good thing you can afford it. The General Excise Tax will have to double. The Income taxes will have to go way up, (no not for the rich.) Gas prices, WOW! The mainlanders are going to get more than half the action. Already we hired Daniel Grabauskas for HART, the highest paid employe in the City. And you ain't seen nuttin yet.

They have to import a whole crew of rail mainenance, very highly paid. And we in Hawaii have at present one of the best bus maintenance crews in the Pacific. The money is going to leave Hawaii by the shipload. But the State will not go bankrupt because the neighbor islands will be forced to chip in on the huge cost.

Of course, we are all aware that some are going to make billion$ and billion$ of dollar$ in profit$. With plans to invest very carefully in the Mainland because this Island is going to be very risky.

Pub's Side Note: Received several emails from auntymaile. Apparently the dance on Friday at Wahiawa District Park is not a Halloween Dance. It is too early to be Christmas Dance so it must be a Thanksgiving Dance. Makes sense. No truth to the rumor of six cases of Champagne.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cultural Dancer

By Jimmy Chun, Aiea

Our cultural dancing is beginning to define itself, mainly on protests, but that helps too. Most "Ballroom" dancing taught in studios across the mainland have about the same syllabus length.

 "A failure is a person who has blundered, but is not able to cash in the experience."

These are beginners, intermediates and advanced divisions and each comprising of about 15 moves, steps or patterns. This is whether it is American, Country or International styles. Most may be somewhat difficult to understand and should be taught by Professional Dance Instructors which is the original intent.

However, the "street dancer" does not learn that way. He does not learn to dance a true unique dance. He moves only to the music of his choice and the music is first. He stays for a long time a true beginner, because most of his moves are basic and he may develop 20 to 30 basic moves that can be led, followed and enjoyed in any dance. He may polish by learning some of the standard moves in the American Style of dance. And all this time he will be having a ball.

"Don't Fence Me In"   ...   the Andrews Sisters

The ordinary walking move to any kind of music is the most basic and is a dance move to music done thousands of years back. The rock step and the chasse are two very good additional moves, in which he may add the quick, quick, slow and the slow, quick, quick. The walks, promenade or open, are common in street dancing because all you want to do is enjoy the music, waltz, foxtrot, rumba by moving to that particular music. The under arm turns come in six different varieties. And all may be applied to hundreds of dances.

This is much, much different than learning the moves to a dance so that you can "dance correctly" for you will be judged. We have all heard the term "junk dancer." Then, you are introduced to the music that you will be "dancing" to. These people insist that they have developed ballroom dancing to an art. And I believe them. For us the music is first, then we move to the music and the moves are secondary.

That leaves us out and we are becoming a little more accepting of the fact that we are cultural dancers and not ballroom dancers. We dance in cafeterias, malls, night clubs, district parks and community centers. Wherever our culture takes us. We do not insist on a Ballroom. The Rootzi Tootzis do, no hu hu and we accept, somewhat gladly, that we are different. And now we need places where we can dance without being "required" to drink alcohol. Hey, we are getting there!  *  *  *  *

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